Introduce Yourself : Actress and Producer by Amanda Jiang

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Amanda Jiang

Actress and Producer

Hello everyone,

I’m an actress from LA. I’m also the producer and lead cast member in a show called Duty's Veil, a crime-thriller type production that I made while I was living in Cardiff, UK. It has a fully shot and edited pilot episode as well as an outline for six future episodes to make a short first season. "Duty's Veil" has won numerous awards in international film festivals like “Indie Short Fest” and “The IndieFest Film Awards” for best web series.

The issue is that I don't have anyone to 'take on' the production of the remaining episodes in the series nor do I have any funding sources. Any help that anyone could offer me in terms of who I could pitch the show to or any recommendations for agents/managers that would be willing to represent the show would be greatly appreciated!

Duty’s Veil is a story about Rebecca, a determined American detective on the hunt for a vicious psychopathic killer in her new UK hometown of Cardiff. The more Rebecca delves into the case, the more Rebecca is at risk of uncovering the secrets of her own dark past; the reason she left America, her identity and her affiliation with a notorious criminal sisterhood.

If anyone is interested in watching it, I’ve included the trailer in this post, and the link to the pilot episode is on my profile.

Allen Lynch

Good Luck Amanda!

Scott Sawitz

That looks cool as hell!

Juan Antonio Valverde

Looks cool! Have a good luck!

Lisa Tuvalo

Great trailer! I'll share it with my co-producer. Definitely, I would shoot it with more a film noir look.

John Ellis

Very nice! Great work! You should check Stareable. Also, contact Melissa Butler about their soon-to-launch streaming service. Good luck!

Ed Silva Jr

I would like to know if you would be interested in reading the first two pages of my movie script, and give me your honest opinion. Thank you.

Debbie Croysdale

Producers and execs who stream web/tv episodic thrillers often have pitch slots at major screenwriting festivals. There are both free and paid slots. Streaming now has morphed with the addition of much smaller time slots where viewers can binge their favourite show in twenty or thirty minute slots. Amazon drama "Homecoming" has thirty minute episodes. Obviously your project is suited to longer episodic hourly views and I would try to get it serialized. However there is the other option on hand meantime, of executing it via self streaming on various alternative platforms, with a much lesser scheduling grid than say cable. Netflix and face book watch have launched many a show that now has binge viewers mighty scale. As others say in this thread your work is Cool, and it needs to be out there but there is not only one path to do so!

Christopher Phillips


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