Introduce Yourself : Ad/upm by Michael Risner

Michael Risner


Hello... I am Michael, a 24 year veteran DGA AD/UPM/Producer. Always looking for interesting projects to become involved with. Check out where I have been!

Michael Risner - IMDb
Michael Risner - IMDb
Michael Risner, Assistant Director: Twister. Michael Risner is an assistant director and actor, known for Twister (1996), The Net (1995) and NewsRadio (1995).
Devin Teer

Hello Michael! You're experience is incredible, I look forward to seeing everything you bring to stage 32.

Pete Whiting

Michael, I have been mentored by Peter Saphier (Scarface) and have completed a feature length retro action thriller based on UK novel that I own rights too. It has received strong coverage and Marty Katz (Reindeer games) reading team said it was a great a script and seriously considered it. It was a stage 32 semi finalist as well. It may interest you. Also half way through a family/kids film and the first half has also received strong praise. First draft should be complete shortly.

Dianne Politud

Hello Michael, welcome! Looking forward to your future projects.

Thomas Shaner

Hi Micheal. Good luck with your projects!

Landis Stokes

Welcome! You've been to some interesting places...

Jesse R. Butler D. Min.

Hi Michael Risner, I am looking for someone like you to producer a one in a lifetime project titled, Extraordinary Encounters-A Bio-Thriller Horror Based On A True Story: &


Jesse R. Butler, D. Min.

Executive Producer & Writer

Yaseen Ali

Hi it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm a recent graduate looking to break into the industry with my original TV pilot script. It's about an angry slave in Colonial America is gifted with immortality by a Native American spirit guide and spends the next 200 years experiencing U.S. history trying to find the one who cursed him. PM me if you're interested.

Mark Robyn

Hi Micheal. I have a really funny comedy, quarter finalist in the Page Screenwriting contest I'd love to share with you that I think would fit in well with your filmography. Hope to connect up with you and get to share it.

John Hamilton

Welcome! Good stuff, Michael. What a long, illustrious career.

Allen Lynch

Hello Michael & Much Continued Success!

Dyemond Roughyn

hey mike

best of wishes to you .

what type of film or shows do you like to work on ? sci fi comedy lover or urbands ?

Rolando Gómez

Welcome! You have some impressive industry credentials too. Again, welcome!

Constance York

I have written 15 drama screenplays- hard to get anything done in Detroit.

Linwood Bell

Very nice to meet you, Michael!

Tatiana Davidov

Michael, Welcome! It's a really very cool place here. If you will stay active than you will have a lot of good connections. If there is anything I can do for you just reach out. I do PR and submit people to good red carpets as well

Thomas Shaner

I have a science fiction horror graphic novel that I would like to see adapted into either a webseries or a low budget b movie.

Pete Whiting

Just completed my second screenplay. Already getting some positive feedback. If any producers/directors/studios are seeking a family/comedy with a small budget, get in touch. It is Goonies meets Home Alone (with a little Iron eagle for good measure!)


When a popular teenager and his friends are kidnapped by inept bank robbers, it’s up to the teenager’s not-so-cool twelve year old brother and his group of underdog army cadet friends to save the day.

Cee Bruce

Hi Michael! you experience is inspirational!

Stephen Carter

Two years ago?

Graham P Halky

Nice work Michael. I'm in kid's TV. I'll keep you in mind for future work. Thanks for sharing your reel.

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