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Alan E Byrch

Alan E Byrch

Hi Stage 32, Well after being knocked down by an uninsured driver in 1996 , whilst on the way to Teddington film studios , 5years on my back had to learn to walk again twice , once with a limp and now without . Lost house , wife left , moved into social housing , burgled twice and two cars stolen . I never thought my bad luck would end . I went back to Uglys agency last week and was welcomed back with open arms . This is a great step for me as I thought would never work again and that I was getting too old , Im not going to say watch this space as its early days , and everyone has moved on , 18 years is a long time to remember a character actor in this biz . This is what I was trained to do , so third time lucky . alan e byrch .

Adam C. Fisk

Dude, that story alone should be a movie. Prayers and good wishes for your success...

Antonio Ingram

And the adversity you've faced have brought you to where you are today. That is why I embraced adversity Alan, you acquire so much strength from it. I wish you the best of luck sir.

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Alan - very inspirational - your tenacity and perserverence is inspiring... we welcome you with open arms here on Stage 32!

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