Introduce Yourself : Allow me to introduce myself... by Kristopher Dorval

Kristopher Dorval

Allow me to introduce myself...

Hello! My name is Kristopher Dorval. I am an experienced photographer who resides in New York, and is willing to collaborate, participate, and work with ANYBODY with a passion for creativity in general. However, as much as I love photography, my TRUE aspiration is film-making. I have been applying for film internships left and right, trying to break my foot into the film industry, and I hope that with the help of this website, I can finally find a way into this industry. I've been longing for a cine/movie camera to finally start making films, yet, funds are low, and I have yet enter a field as to where someone could assist me in equipment needs. However, with the possibility of users of Stage32, there's a chance that I'll finally be able to tell stories! Thank you so much for reading! Have an amazing day!

- Kristopher Dorval

Emmitt Thrower

Send me your email address. What part of NY do you live in?

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