Introduce Yourself : Allow myself to introduce.... Myself.... by Andy Wright

Andy Wright

Allow myself to introduce.... Myself....

Mornin'! I'm Andy, and I'm a screenwriter from the U.K. I write for most genres, tv, film and short films. My work has received great feedback from Terry Gilliam and Quentin Tarantino, so if you're looking for a writer, get in touch!

Simon Furness

Hello, I'm Simon an actor and director based at the Actors Temple on Warren St, London W1, where we encourage actors to do it for themselves rather than wait for someone else to do it for them! I'm working on a rehearsed reading of a new play set in the gay community of Soho London, called Red Light Soho. This plays at the Greenwich Theatre one night only Sat 28th Sept at 730pm. Have a good day.

Frank Luchs

Nice loglines. :-)

Andy Wright

Thanks Frank!

Andrea Thompson

Clever intro Andy! Welcome to Stage 32 :)

Patrick Hampton

Welcome Andy. Congrats on the feedback! just to get it in those hands are a big deal.

Kaz Drysdale

Good on you Andy! Cheers, Kaz :)

Janet Scott

Well done Andy.... nice to meet you .... and do you co- write?

Andy Wright

Hi kaz, and hi Janet! I have never tried co-writing, but I'm completely open to the idea!

Sharon Lawrence

Hi Andy, good to connect on here. Tarantino and Gilliam, how cool to get that feedback! I look forward to seeing your productions on the big screen :)

Janet Scott

Brilliant Mate! Will send you a wee message... cheers...

James Coleman

Hi, Andy. My name is James Coleman and I am a screenwriter out of L.A. I am reaching out to other writers who are from the U.K. because I have a script idea that I want to bring to fruition but I need your help. The concept is for a romantic comedy that is a bit unusual. Anyway, nice meeting you. Thanks for letting me chat.

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