Introduce Yourself : Alta California by Lynn H. Elliott

Lynn H. Elliott

Alta California

I am a retired professor. I was a successful teacher and award-winning playwright who, recently, at my advanced age (not telling!), turned to scriptwriting. I have achieved great success with my screenplays but lack the business knowledge to continue. I am also an immigrant (born and raised in Wales) coming to the US in my twenties. As such I brought my European attitude to history with me. Not sanitized but questioning. My most successful screenplay, ALTA CALIFORNIA, came from my asking myself to name some California Indian tribes. I failed miserably! So, what had happened? A young half-breed seeks his true identity, “heathen” or “civilized,” amidst the violence and brutality of the mission period. Just one of my screenplays. Action-drama, romantic comedy, comedy and, taking up my wife's challenge, a recently completed horror movie. Love writing. My Welsh ancestry makes me an inveterate story-teller. Stay healthy.

Phil Clarke

Welcome, Lynn. Hope you're managing to stay safe, sane and creative.

Lynn H. Elliott

Thanks, Phil. These are challenging time for us all. Just reworking my ALTA CALIFORNIA synopsis. Got some great comments from Stage 32 on my synopsis for my comedy, RODEO. Got me thinking about my synopses.

Christine Capone

Welcome! I just read your synopsis for Alta California. Sounds like such an interesting story about the Native Americans.

Lynn H. Elliott

Thanks, Christine. I think it's a story that needs telling. I also think there's some very meaty roles for native American actors.

Christine Capone

Absolutely! I think so too!

Kyle Williamson

Welcome to the group...

Lady Kendal Jaggar

Totally with you all on this

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