Introduce Yourself : Always interested in new talent! by Simon King

Simon King

Always interested in new talent!

Hello! I am a producer/director with Clearstream Entertainment in Oregon. I am always on the lookout for new talent on both sides of the camera. We have a short filming in May that ill be the pilot for a dreamed series about the struggles and fun of being a teen. The plan is to move it quickly into a regular web series. We have a western feature filming in Washington state right now (hmmm I need to get out to that set) and a whole bunch of other projects in the pipeline. So if you are an actress/actor please connect! Same goes for behind the camera. -Simon

Jonathan Medina

Hi Simon. Welcome. I was involved in a workshop with Cast Iron Studios up your way, just a few months ago. I would be interested in connecting to talk about opportunities in Pacific Northwest. Here's my demo: Thanks!

Patty Rayfield

Hello nice to meet you If you need any music /songs give me a shout

Eman Fustok

Hi Simon, how are you? Let's connect!

Molly N. Moss

Hi Simon, and welcome to Stage 32! If you're looking for writer talent, I may be able to be of service, but I can't act or direct to save my life. :-)

Bryan Atkinson

Hi Simon, I took a look at your profile and resume. You are an accomplished entrepreneur and filmmaker! I would love to know more about how you transitioned from outdoor retail to the film industry. The story must be fascinating. I would also love to hear more about your Western. I am a film composer from Arizona and we definitely have Westerns being made out here! I have worked on a few films in that genre and have fallen in love with it. Best regards,

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