Introduce Yourself : Am I a Screenwriter? by Michael Reutter

Michael Reutter

Am I a Screenwriter?

I sure would love to be! I guess I ask this question because I have never sold any of my scripts. I have completed five screenplays at this point and wonder, Is it faux pas to have "screenwriter" in my profile if I've never sold a script? This is my first forray into social media and I would love for it to be a fruiful one, I just don't want to start off on the wrong foot. I hope to continue to participate in lounges and post my queries as they come and appreciate any insight as it seems fit. Cheers to all and thanks for your time!

Joshua McHugh

Welcome, Michael! My opinion...all two bits of it? You have written five screenplays. You're a screenwriter. What if you had sold each of them for one dollar? Would that make you any more legit in your mind? There are painters who painted their entire lifetimes and didn't make a dime till they were dead. They were still painters. I came from an entirely different career path. I was a 3D Artist for a decade. Eventually, I stepped away from it to pursue this passion for acting. I felt rather fraudulent at first...I had never earned a dime on it. It took me over a year to start referring to myself at parties and what not as an Actor. But, strangely, once I got over that mental hurdle things started to happen. I was no longer a "hyphen". I started to own this path I put myself on. The energy that gets opened up when you make your identity clear to those around you clarifies everything. Folks know how to categorize you: "Oh, that's Michael...he's a screenwriter." This creates opportunities, and it is freaking magical. They don't ask how much you made last year. It's far more interesting to talk about someone's passion than their savings account. Shine on, brother!

Brian McCormick

You are what you do. If you run and have never been in the Olympics you are still a runner. The point is to set goals and work with dedication to both improving your skills, mastering them, then setting higher goals and continuing to move forward.

Aaron Majewski

You are what you do, not what you do for a living. You write screenplays, you're a screenwriter, you knit Christmas sweaters.... well ok bad example that.

Becca-Chris M

Welcome, Michael. According to the definition of screenwriter, you are! As for adding the word "professional" in front of the word "screenwriter," it's a dream many of us are working toward. :)

Padma Narayanaswamy

Hey Michael I am also in the same boat

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