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Introduce Yourself : An inspirational comment. by Eon C. Rambally

Eon C. Rambally

An inspirational comment.

Good day everyone, my story is different from many. Recovering from years of debilitating health, where most would have given up, I got into writing, graphics, motion graphics and animations. Whilst in such a situation a lot of what I’ve learned is self-taught, there were certainly circumstances, but determination is most certainly amazing, I’m now on “Stage32” recently joined, “thanks to God” of course,… no self-boasting, I am now “Writer, Producer and Director” of a short film, “The Game Of Chess & The Human Brain” (a rough cut ) that was entered in August, to a local film festival competition. The human spirit presents such vast subject matters, the artwork or graphics you see of myself, attempts to depict this,… physically, however, still, have some catching up to do. It is most certainly great to hear the success stories, comments, information, etc. from everyone. Presently I’m also working on a feature film that partly refers to my life’s story, part of which was mentioned and entered the local “film festival,” I do wish everyone the best hopes and endeavors in their careers, projects, etc. Thank you! there is most certainly more to come from me.

Eon C. Rambally

Robert Sacchi

Good luck in the film festival competition with "The Game of Chess & The Human Brain".

Jay Reeves

Tough times don't last. Tough people do. All the best to you Eon.

Melanie Star Scot

Inspiring to read! We have a lot in common. I, too, suffered debilitating health conditions. Looking back, I'm not sure how I survived. The only thing that kept me alive and got me out of the bed in the mornings was knowing without me, my son would go into the foster care system. When I got a second chance at life, I became a creator, too and made my first short film at age 49. All to say that I can so relate to your story! Kudos to you for KEEPING ON and pushing forward! I wish you all the very best in your future journey.

Eon C. Rambally

Hi everyone, thanks for your comments, and official greetings, just to note! I’ve researched about the many benefits of the “game of Chess” on brain activity, which if intense enough, as in official tournaments, also certainly engages you physically, even though it’s a game that generally requires sitting, fascinated how it can be used for therapy and also dates back to an approximate of 500 B.C. / B.C.E. in conception and origin, in what is mostly believed in ancient India, I became enthralled. Re-familiarizing myself with the game after 15yrs. approx. in 2012, then retired, because of illness, eventually acquired general info, for the film, hence ultimately the reason doing the film, to encourage diverse or more look into research and therapy, that not just stimulates brain and physical activities, but also hope in recovery alertness, etc. I turn 49 yrs. on October 31st “The day of Halloween!” people say I look good,…on a good day great, etc. in spite of !.. Diet is important! of course, it’s what the doctors recommended, however when you have dreams that are far much more powerful than average, it does something to you, what you meditate on and perceptions on meditation, are subject matters involved, you become driven with different willpower and all coincide, interacts and identifies, with our stories and comments, I’m presently thinking of pitches, budgeting, financing, etc. for my film, a great future and positive stories, for our young people and humanity. Until next,...keep reaching for the stars, if you’re there, tell me how it feels, look, etc. send info. or something! Us folks and the future…

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