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Aspiring Flimmaker

Hi, I just wanted to put myself out there. I am Melina and I'm an aspiring Film/music video director looking to gain experience anywhere. Currently a film and media major at FIT, also known as Fashion Institute of Technology, located in Chelsea, NY. I wrote and directed my first short film this past year which was an amazing, exciting, yet scary feeling but I loved it. I am still new to all of this but I am ready and passionate to learn the ins and outs of film making etc. I'm sure most people can agree that it's hard to be a female. Especially in this business, but it is exceptionally hard being a black female. I grew up surrounded by people who gave up on their lives and just stayed around the corner. I want to be different. I don't want to be a product of circumstance nor a product of a certain situation. I aspire to be bigger and better and I will beat the system.

Erik Nordgren

Welcome to the site, Melina! Absolutely love your mindset when it comes to beating the system and breaking into a business that is geared against you, I can definitely relate. Congrats on making your first short film and best of luck in your future projects!!

Dawid Jaworski

Congrats of your first film Melina! I agree with Erick great self awareness and mindset you have, and good aspirations! Good luck in the business and welcome in Stage32!! :)

Kenton Ferguson

Congratulations on your short film. Is there somewhere I can see it?

Jean Buschmann

LOVE it! And you WILL. No doubt.

Sadie Dean

Welcome to the community, Melina! Fantastic to have you here :)

Richard "RB" Botto

Good on you for putting yourself out there, Melina. Hope you will continue to do so. Tens of thousands have found success through this platform. They all had one thing in common - They worked the platform as a job. Committed to be visible, active and selfless. Dig in and never look back.

Jake Shanks

Welcome to Stage 32, Melina!

Vince Conside

Welcome Melina

Melina Watson

Thanks for all of the positive feedback. I really appreciate it! The film was done with a program that I worked for so I will try to find the link for the short film for you guys. :)

Erik Smalls

I'd like to see the film. Where can I view?

Thomas McNeely

Hello Melina, If you are looking to gain some experience that could lead to possibilities, I will plug you in with my associates in NY. No one can really promise you anything in this industry cause of all of the intangibles we must work with, but I will as I always have try to help talent in every way I can, even if it is just shining the light towards the path. Get in touch if you would like, have a little down time now but that is about to change. Will be in NY, NJ next week Nov. 3-7.

Thomas McNeely

Such nice people on here.

Steve Bass

Hi,,I'm new here, just like to say Hello

Pat Savage

Welcome to the community, Melina!

Shawn Speake

What's good, what's good!

Ricky Stahl

New member seeking talented scriptwriter for a new medieval YA fantasy series!

Diego Lopes Silveira

Welcome to the show! Where can I find your first short to take a look? Thanks!

Richard "RB" Botto

Hey Ricky...May want to make a post in the Introduce Yourself section of the Lounge...Good way to get started here on 32.

Melina Watson

Hey everyone I found a link to my short. This was my first experience ever with filming and production.

Tamara LeClair

Hi Melina. What role did you play in the production of See You Later?

Melina Watson

Casting director, writer, and director.

Tamara LeClair

Good job on all counts, I enjoyed the performance you garnered from your lead, you can tell you created a positive space for him to express some strong emotions.

Ricky Stahl

Hey Melina - Do you like YA medieva Fantasy novels? If so may be take a look at my book - Maybe we could do something together?

Cold Snout

Sorry to bother you but I was trying to visit your site without the popup! Please excuse the intrusion and remove my account. Sorry! Too much trouble for a short visit.

Melina Watson

I'm sorry, I'm not sure what popup you're talking about but thank you for visiting or at least trying to. :)

Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict

do you love books? Please check out for my book titles, possibly, if you can review them. Ina ll, lend me your general feedbacks. Your response will be appreciated.

Karthi Karunanidhi

hello...nice to meet you,,,i am an music composer...from India

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