Introduce Yourself : Aspiring TV Writer Chasing an Impossible Dream by Patrick Hercules

Aspiring TV Writer Chasing an Impossible Dream

I started this journey of learning how to write for film when I went back to school to study screenwriting in 2015. In 2019, I started to teach myself how to write for television. After graduation in December of 2019, I realized that aftet working on my feature I preferred writing television because of the ability and freedom it gave you to (hopefully) tell a deeper story, with character development episodically. In the two years since graduation,  I have written two comedy pilots and have been working on and developing three more pilots of different genres.

Through this experience I have felt so many different emotions. Excitement and optimism for the possibilities of having a career that I've always wanted to have but never thought I could. The negative and pessimism of the idea that it never could happen and it's just a pipe dream I'm chasing. The imposter syndrome of not being good enough to even do this. Then I always wonder when. When it will happen? How will it happen? Who will give me a chance? Will I ever get a chance? Is my writing good enough? The complex emotions I feel of doubt are always countered with the feeling of I know I'm a good writer and I have something to offer a writer's room. Also looking for someone who believes in you, your writing, and what you're capable of in your career. But I wonder if I'm ready. But is anyone ever really ready for something? You gain experience by doing. A lot of that experience is getting thrown into the fire. Tossed into the deep end to either sink or swim. Getting the hands on experience to learn. 

I've spent the last two years making connections and networking. Watching, reading, and learning as much as I can. Finding my voice as a writer. I know I will never learn or know everything. But I am willing to do show. It seems to me that in this business you have to be humble and open, but also retain that chip on your shoulder because this industry is tough. But it seems to help to surround yourself with awesome like-minded people who will support you and be your tribe. I root for everyone I meet to succeed because everyone should get a chance to follow this dream. Or any dream that they're chasing. I don't know when it will happen for me. But as a lifelong dreamer, I look forward to the possibilities. 

Art Thomas

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