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Vikki Flawith

Augmenting & Exploring

Hello Everyone! I've been lurking on Stage32 for awhile (ever the wallflower :D). I'm so interested in all the ways we tell our stories.

My own passion is music, and has been since I was 5 or 6. A sensitive and highly creative introvert, I bought into the idea I'd never amount to anything, that you can't do arts for a living, and the best thing to do is follow everyone else's idea of who & how you should be. I sang in choirs growing up & started writing songs when I was 12, but suffered from debilitating stage fright and social phobia. Fast forward to a point where I was working at an insurance company processing claims & the only music in my life was humming while I did the dishes. I had done everything to make everyone else happy with me. That way I'd be safe. They'd like me. Well, that wasn't a good plan because a) they weren't any happier, b) the 'me' they knew wasn't Me, and c) I was desperately unhappy. I had to make a change.

I did a lot of soul searching and came up with two things: I wanted to do something more creative for work; and I had given up my dream of singing and music. So I retrained as a graphic designer, and once I had finished the course and my practicums... I got the telephone number of a voice teacher from a friend of mine. It took me three months to get up the courage to call. After my first lesson I almost didn't go back. And not because he wasn't nice. Because, I think, it challenged me on so many levels. It is much easier to dream than to make the dream come true. I kept doubting and thinking about quitting for the next five or six years. But somewhere along the line, slowly, gently, how I thought about myself while singing became clearer to me. My thoughts, my fears, closed me down, tightened my throat, made me back away and close up. As I started to understand my thoughts affected me in this way while singing, and learned that I could change those thoughts to something more positive and supportive of my voice... I realized those same thoughts permeated my life.

Music, which I had loved from a small child, healed me. I began to teach other shy singers how to sing. I invited the terrified and the tone deaf to my studio. I found I had a tribe of fellow introverts who hungered to free themselves from fear and find their voices.

And then, I started to write again. Songs at first, and then instrumentals. I learned from fellow media composers and music screeners the forms used for cues and even learned how to produce my own music. Now I have tracks signed with a variety of production music libraries and credits for placements on a number of television shows.

Currently I am immersing myself in my love of film scores and trailers. I am taking courses in cinematic composing, trailer music writing, and scoring to picture.

Besides teaching my students, taking my courses and writing music, I roleplay Star Trek 3 or 4 times a week :D  Live long and prosper!

Jennifer Smith

It’s so nice to meet you, Vikki! Thank you so much for that incredibly inspiring story of courage conquering fear. It makes me think of the Cat Stevens song that goes, “Don’t be shy just let your feelings roll on by. Don’t wear fear or nobody will know you’re there...” Keep on singing and making music now that you’ve freed your voice. All the best to you!

Linwood Bell

Nice to meet you Vikki! What a great story you have.

Peter Brabson

Hey Vikki -- we creative music loving introverts should start a club. I share you passion for music. Ex classical singer/pianist here and love your story. Cheers.

Jerrod D. Brito

That's amazing that you've overcome such personal obstacles to realize your dreams and calling! I, too, am an introvert, but worse still, I had nearly crippling social anxiety. I didn't always have it, but I read/listened to a few books that explained how to dispell it, and now I can talk to pretty much anybody. I'm definitely not who I was six months ago. Cheers to you for all of your success, and I hope 2019 brings you much, much more!

Vikki Flawith

Thanks, Jennifer, Linwood, Peter! :D

Vikki Flawith

Thanks Jerrod!

Kerry Kennard

Thanks for the story, ... helping me not block my own thoughts and dreams to action .. which I've been doing since last year. Thank you again for sharing.

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