Introduce Yourself : Aspiring Screenwriters and Filmmakers! by Matthew Genecov

Matthew Genecov

Aspiring Screenwriters and Filmmakers!

Hey guys! I live in Austin and am currently working on a screenplay and a short film. I'm itching to collaborate with and learn from as many people as I can. I'd love to talk to everyone and anyone who is just as eager about making films as I am. 

If you are new to this community like me, even better! I'm surrounded by people who aren't into film, so I'm so happy this community exists. I don't have experience, but I'm eager and a quick learner. Anyone from anywhere want to make a movie? Let's get to it!

Allen Lynch

Hey Matthew, I would love to collaborate with you. I am also new to this community and eager to connect. I am a music composer. I have been fortunate to work on several indie films and major motion pictures. Gracious and talented people helped me get started. I would be happy to share my experiences with you. Look forward to hearing from you. Let's make a movie!

Vladislav Nogin

Hi Matthew, welcome!

Nick Sebastien Theriot

Hey - I'm interested in collaborating. I'm based out of Atlanta but shoot all over the country. I have full 4K production and post production abilities. I would love to see what you have written!

Anthony Fertino

Hey Matthew, I'd be delighted to collaborate. I write very frequently, in a wide range of genres. Keep in touch!


Welcome to Stage 32, Matthew!

Justin Gabriel

Would love to help write screen plays! Have some outlines my self but nothing solid yet!

Andrés da Grava

could colaborate making some music. Here's some of what I do.

Chad Stroman

Welcome. Screenwriter here myself.

Eliza Agudelo

welcome to the community. I hope you find amazing collaborations and get your projects done. Best of luck to you

Pamela Bolinder

Hello and welcome to S32

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