Introduce Yourself : Been here a while. by Shaun O'Banion

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Shaun O'Banion

Been here a while.

Well. I've been here a long time, but apparently I never introduced myself. How rude! So, hello there! I am an IFP Gotham Award-winning independent film producer currently in Europe to develop a project. I'm originally from Los Angeles, but lately I'm sort of all over the place with projects set in such varied locales as England in the 20s, Rome in the future, Los Angeles and one project that straddles numerous countries. I've hosted a Next Level Webinar for and have written several blogs as well - perhaps you've read my stuff? I love movies with all my heart and I'm happy to be a part of the Stage32 Community (cheers, RB!). So say "hello" if you have a moment. Love meeting new people with a passion for film.

Markus Oskarsson

Hello Shaun. If you ever need crew in Atlanta I could be of some assistants. I'm a freelance camera operator and lighting tech.

Jorge J Prieto

Hey, Shaun! Greetings from NYC, brother. We are all a big happy family and we check in and out, but is all good, brother. Hey, stay busy, because in this business, that is a blessing.

Katharina Suckale

Hi Shaun, this sounds very familiar to me ! I am a German producer, based in Mumbai and Berlin, traveling between South America, Canada, Africa, France... Let's stay in touch, wishing you goooooood luck for your films, Katharina

Susan Newman

Howdy, Shaun! I'm in NJ (Jersey City). I design / develop the branding, marketing and visibility online for creatives!

Nick Savides

Hi Shaun. Sounds like you're staying busy with interesting projects. Thanks for saying hello.

Max Harris

Shaun, if you make it to Milan or Como give me a little notice and we can get together. I would like to hear a comparison of the differences in the markets your work in.

Kenneth R Dickson

Hello!! Foot to meet you.

Jorge J Prieto

Greetings, Shaun, you busy guy. Nice to hear from you at last.

Virginia Mckevitt


Katelyn Studer

I also let quite a bit of time go before I "introduced myself" to the community here! It sounds like you've had the chance to work on some pretty incredible stuff! Would there be anything of yours that we could see online?

Shaun O'Banion

Hi, Katelyn - Honestly, I'm not sure where my films are now. Last I checked DAKOTA SKYE and GIRLFRIEND were running on Hulu. DS airs from time to time on Showtime Networks as well. You can check out the trailers at Thanks for asking and for the kind words.

Shaun O'Banion

Max Harris - I was nearly in Lake Como this week as two of my friends are there. If I ever get out that way I'll definitely look you up!

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