Introduce Yourself : Beginning the ascent by Sharon Samson

Sharon Samson

Beginning the ascent

Hello, everyone. My name is Sharon (call me Shaz) and I'm a full-time Pharmacy Tech and twilight screenwriter from sunny Scotland. I recently completed my first screenplay and look forward to rubbing some virtual shoulders and hearing about your progress in the industry. I feel like for most of us, this is like mountain climbing. From the ground up, it's scary. Unrealistic. Crazy even. But with the right support, perseverance and belief, I know the ascent will be worth it. Even if and when we lose our grip and fall!

I've recently bit the bullet and submitted to a couple of competitions to gauge the waters and get some feedback. I look forward to sharing my work and reading/seeing yours as we go.

Here's to climbing and falling together.

Miroslav Trcak

@Sharon this world of ours is a constant struggle, but somehow... I'd like to call it "sweet struggle" because we're all doing it with passion and there's nothing that can stop us.

debra de Liso

Congrats Shaz on getting this far! And I love Scotland, I've been to the Edinburgh Festival 5 times with plays. Remember why you wrote the story - let that inner passion guide you.

Sharon Samson

This is very true. Sweet struggle...I like that. :) Writing and creating feeds my soul, especially during these uncertain times and although it's difficult, I wouldn't change it. Look forward to chatting with you and hearing all about your endeavours.

Miroslav Trcak

There will be a two part video blog about my screenwriting journey. You'll get to meet me :)

Monica Mansy

Hi, Sharon! Welcome! Congratulations on completing your first screenplay; that's awesome! I totally agree... it's definitely scary and also so exciting and made all that more worthwhile with great support. I have definitely found that here on Stage 32 and definitely within the Writers' Room here. We meet a few times a week, learning about the craft, business and supporting each other. If you're interested in trying it out for a free month, please feel free to reach out Jason Mirch (, the Director of Script Services here at Stage 32, for a free month!

Sharon Samson

Thank you, Debra and thank you, Monica. So glad you've experienced The Fringe and the beautiful city, I can't wait to go back when lockdown ends here in Scotland. I'd love to try this, Monica! Thank you for mentioning it, appreciate it. Look forward to chatting to you all!

Natalie Bingham

Hi Sharon - welcome! Fellow twilight screenwriter here. What genre is your first screenplay written in? :) Also, I completely agree with everything Monica mentioned above. Stage32 as well as the Writers Room are endlessly supportive - you came to the right place!

Sharon Samson

Thanks, Natalie! Lovely to meet you, appreciate the warm welcome. My first one is a Romantic Comedy (well, I hope it's funny!) and I'm working on a couple of others in the twilight hours. So glad to hear, I've read wonderful things about the community so I'm really glad I joined the fun and graft. Look forward to chatting with you further. Are you currently keeping busy with any projects?

Tasha Lewis


Sharon Samson

Thanks, Tasha! Lovely to meet you.

Dawn Prato

Nice to meet you! Best of luck with everything, and keep us posted as to how things are going :)

Jimmie Pelyhes

Welcome aboard, Shaz. If there is any way I can help you, let me know.

Sharon Samson

Thank you, Dawn and Jimmie! Lovely to meet you both. I can't wait to hear and see your future endeavours. Likewise, Jimmie. Even as a total novice, if I can be of any assistance, always happy to help! All the best.

Wayne Jarman

Welcome, Shaz. Keep up the good work! Wishing you every success.

Sharon Samson

Thanks, Wayne! Thanks, Wally! Same to you, Wayne.

Marjolein Smit

Hello Sharon,

I am a fellow climber from the very flat Holland. Don’t hold it against me. Hihihi. Lovely to meet you. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for your screenplay entries! How exciting. If you ever need help or want to talk during your climb, feel free to contact me. or @fadeintomack on Insta/Twitter. I would like to also Introduce you to screenwiter David DeHaas, from Connecticut, who’s casually developing a Rock Opera about the 1588 Spanish Armada. Hihi how awesome is that? Have a great weekend. Greetings Mack

Sharon Samson

Hi, Mack! Lovely to meet you. I've yet to travel to Holland, it looks beautiful. I would love to chat with you, thank you for your details and the warm welcome. A Rock Opera about the Spanish Armada sounds fantastic! I can't wait to see it! Thank you for the introduction, I'll be sure to get in touch with David too. All the best and hope to chat with you soon!

David DeHaas

I don''t mind falling as long as I can make a few movies before it happens... XD JK

Harvey Read

Hi Shaz! I'm from England, but have been up to Scotland which was a little less sunny than you are describing it! We're all here to pulling each other up, you just have to find the right people to help you do it. Hope you are doing well.

David C. Velasco

Great to see you Sharon! Best of luck to you in those competitions!

Sara Dee

Hello Shaz, you have pulled a couple out of the reserved shadows of the UK and Europe with your post. Not often you get them introducing themselves so well done and 'Good Luck' with your screenwriting competitions. Scotland was lovely and sunny when I last visited over the Edinburgh festival a couple of years back. Regardless of the weather the people there do have a constantly sunny disposition and I consider it a sweeter place to be than here in the South of England. Hope you let me in if you get your independance! I wrote a blog about the ideal screenplay for an actor that's on here. Don't hold it against me !

Gerard Thoolen

Hi Sharon, I can read your script, and give my opinion if you like. Greetings, Gerard from Barcelona

Sharon Samson

Nice to meet you, David! I can't wait to see your Rock Opera, sounds fantastic! Nice to meet you, Harvey! Yes, Scotland has a tendency to favour cloud. Thanks and glad to find others who support and nurture in this industry. Hopefully chat soon. Nice to meet you, David and thank you! It was a scary thing to do but glad I've done it. Hi, Sara! Nice to meet you. So glad to find some UK based fellow creatives. Edinburgh is fab as is the festival. Haha of course, all welcome and thank you. I'd love to read your blog! Hi, Gerard! Nice to meet you and thank you for the offer, that would be great to get more feedback. I love Barcelona, I grew up in Spain. Miss it dearly.

Richard "RB" Botto

Little known fact, I was also a pharmacy tech in another life. Gave me all the preparation I needed to run this joint - he said, sarcastically. Fantastic to have you and your talents here, Sharon!

Randy Steinlauf

There must be a whole group of us current or former pharma people. I spent 7.5 years running a U.S. pharma company's Japan affiliate in Tokyo. Since 2018 though, living the Portuguese Dream writing screenplays (and surfing and drinking really good local wine) in sunny Portugal -- which I've found sunnier than sunny Scotland, based on my personal experience :-)

Sharon Samson

Hi, Richard! Lovely to meet you and thank you for creating this wonderful space for us fellow creatives to share! So glad I joined and look forward to meeting lots of new people and getting involved more on Stage32. I love being a Pharmacy Tech and although it feeds my tummy, writing feeds my soul. Nice to meet you, Randy! I am so jealous Haha, I'd love to be sitting writing in the sun with some vino. All the best and hope to chat soon.

Angela Cristantello

"Here's to climbing and falling together. " I could not love this more!

So lovely to meet you, Sharon, and so refreshing to have your energy and support in our Community :)

Sharon Samson

Hi, Angela! Lovely to meet you and thank you for the warm welcome. Here's to the climb! Look forward to chatting with you soon. All the best.

Jason Mirch

Hey Shaz! Great to have you in the community! You're in exactly the right place! We have such an amazing community of screenwriters and other creatives. Are you familiar with Stage 32 Script Services? We provide opportunities for consultations and development notes from working industry producers, executives, managers and others. So while the scripts you submit are not submissions to the companies, they are being read by their top executives who provide you feedback.

Stage 32 also has a ton of free resources and you should also use those to connect with folks. You can post your loglines on Stage 32 - and unlike other sites we never charge you to host your loglines or your full scripts. The industry professionals on Stage 32 are always looking at loglines and writers' bios on the site in order to find projects and new writers.

You can check out our success stories page here: and you can see our success story blogs here:

There are some great ones! Do me a favor and drop me a note at - I would be happy to help!

Sharon Samson

Hi, Jason! Lovely to meet you and thank you also for the warm welcome. I have been looking at the Script Services and it's certainly something that I will be happy to use. Feedback is ridiculously important to me, both good and bad, as I feel any form of constructive feedback shapes you as a writer. Thank you for the links, I will have a read with my afternoon cuppa! Thank you, I will drop you an email with any queries I have. All the best and thanks again.

Frances McCaffrey

Hi Shaz. Welcome to Stage 32. I say that like I'm part of the group but the truth is I haven't even introduced myself yet. I relate strongly to your feeling of a mountain to climb but I keep reminding myself that it's a privilege to be in good enough health and to have the time to climb it. This seems like a great place to connect and I'm looking forward to the journey and to learning more about your project(s) along the way. Best of luck!

Kelli Lightfoot

Hi Shaz! I love your attitude about this new endeavor. It is new to me as well and your words are encouraging.

Ricki Linksman

Hi Shaz, I am a fellow screenwriter, and found Stage 32 offers an incredible op to live outside of LA and yet connect with producers, executives, and professionals in many well-known studios who offer so much, from script consultations, pitch training and practice, great screenwriting webinars, and networking. You are in the right place. Plus, this community is so encouraging and helpful. Enjoy your time here!

Sharon Samson

Hi, Frances, Kelli and Ricki! So wonderful to meet you all and so happy to find newbies like myself taking the first steps. I look forward to chatting to you all and hearing about your projects. Stage 32 certainly is a great place to be and a great community to be a part of. Happy creating!

Frances McCaffrey

Happy creating!

Shane Stanley

Good on ya! Remember, a writer writes. Go get em!

Sharon Samson

Hi, Shane. Nice to meet you! I try to write something every day, even if it's just an idea for a scene. Keep the creative wheel turning! I really enjoyed your interviews on Film Courage, very inspiring so thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge. All the best with your endeavours, look forward to hearing about them.

Lynn H. Elliott

Hey, Sharon. Highlands or lowlands? Come from Wales originally myself, although now living in California. Any questions, please ask. Welcome to the group.

Cara Rogers

Love the analogy, Sharon! My dad thought the best was to build his children’s confidence was by scaling cliffs - with him as back-up below. Here’s hoping you build that same confidence as you “climb.”

Sharon Samson

Nice to meet you, Lynn! I'm from Ayrshire so closer to Glasgow. Still never been to Wales, a must when travelling is possible! Thank you for the warm welcome, look forward to chatting soon. All the best.

Nice to meet you Cara! I love that! Dads do tend to know best. Thank you, all in time and experience. Look forward to chatting with you and hearing about your projects.

James Welday

Wonderfully written, Sharon, and a pleasure to meet you! Hoping to continue to network and make connections while climbing the mountain to success. Best of luck to you!

Sharon Samson

Pleasure to meet you, James! I look forward to hearing about your climb and chatting with you about future projects. All the best from "sunny" Scotland and happy creating!

James Welday

Absolutely! Thank you!

Lynn H. Elliott

Hey, Sharon. Welcome! Blending Pharmacy Tech and screenwriter--could be horror script!!!

Aray Brown

Pleasure to meet you, Shaz! Congrats on completing your first script! Wish you the best of luck with the competitions and hope the feedback is valuable. Defintely feels like I'm scaling a huge mountain but the falls, the scrapes make climbing it worthwhile if it makes sense

Sharon Samson

Hi, Aray! Lovely to meet you and thank you, I hope if anything the feedback is constructive and of value. We can all scale together! All the best with your endeavours and hopefully chat soon.

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