Introduce Yourself : Best Crew in the world by Tye Evans

Tye Evans

Best Crew in the world

I am a Canadian producer currently based out of Toronto. I bring with me some of the best crew in the world. I'm currently working to get two feature films off the ground. Let's work together!

Richard "RB" Botto

Love the energy, Tye!

Mark Stolaroff

Thanks for connecting, Tye! Good luck with those films!

Shawn Speake


Kris Kyro

Toronto is beautiful! I had a chance to perform at the Toronto Center (centre) for the Arts with my traveling comedy troupe!

Padma Narayanaswamy

Hi I am Padma Narayanaswamy. I write women centric crossover scripts.In fact I have posted three here. Pl take a look . I look forward to work with you professionally

David A. Krajci

Hello Tye, I am a screenwriter from Pittsburgh, Pa. I wasn't sure if you have two screenplays that you are working on, or are you looking for screenplays to produce? Dave

Andrea. Gager

John g. Keep up the great writing...your success is in reach....,

Diana Murdock

Great vibes, Tye! Welcome!

Trevor Murphy

Welcome Tye, if either of the features need a Caribbean setting or location then let me know haha.

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

Hi Tye... welcome. I live in Toronto as well. What do you need?

Tye Evans

Hi David, I'm currently writing a feature as well as producing another script. Hi Sylvia, I'm going to PM you. If you want, you can send me one-page synopsis of your script.

Murrium Zaheer

Wow, nice! If you need anything Tye, let me know :)

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

Thank you Tye. I'd be happy to do that. I'll PM you back.

Jenn Mello

Hi Tye. Do you have any contacts at the Quebec Film & Television Council? I met them at AFM and I found them to be incredibly helpful and resourceful! PM me if you'd like their contact info. Good people!

Tye Evans

Hi Jen, I'm not in touch with the Quebec Film Council. But, thank you so much for the offer. I will be shooting in Toronto/Ontario and/or Alberta. As well as the U.S.

Eliza Agudelo

Congrats on your projects. If you ever are in Los Angeles or get full funding for your films would ove to audition and be a part of a great crew. Best of luck Eliza Agudelo (reel) (reel) (reel)

Jenn Mello

Cool. I'm happy to send an email introduction. email me at and I'll set it up.

Toby Roberts

Hi Tye. I'm a writer/director with three scripts in development and success on the festival circuit with my short films. I'd be interested to hear about the direction you want to go in and progress so far. Cheers, Toby

Emmanuel Ilemobayo

thanks for an actor a to featured in your will be great for such base in mail is

Roselle Zubey

Welcome Tye! Good luck with your projects.

Jean B. Dumoulin

WOW! It's impressive to have all these highly professionals of the industry gathered here; to have the possibility to communicate and share our experiences. This is really great!

Vincent Leong

Good luck, Tye! You'll get there!

Sam Doyle

Are they in Saskatchewan? ;)

Wesley Tallant

I am currently working on converting a children story I wrote to screen play.

Delia Sheppard

Great crew....always tempting. Stay close.

Phyllis A. Collmann

This is great for you. I have a screen script written by Frank Di Muccio of Calif of my Pioneer Story of 8 books all about the same 17 year old girl living in 1880. "Rose's Betrayal And Betrayal"

Joey Jones

I know what you mean by the best crews because I lived in Toronto for 30 years and worked in the film industry for 17 years as a member of NABET 700.

Bob Conder

What is holding you back?

Marc Forget

Welcome fellow Canadian. I'm a Canadian actor based in LA. I hope our paths cross at some point.

William G Chandler Jr

I am a simply writer from the US. I just would like to see three pieces off the ground and contribute where I can.

Ellen Schoeters

Hi Tye, would love to work with you and your crew! You feel like an inspiring group of talented people working from the heart in order to create wonderful projects!!!

Gigi M. Green

Hi Tye, Congrats on starting your projects. What do you find to be your biggest struggle?

Hans Nielsen

Best of luck with your endeavors. I am an American writer, who occassionally delves in storytelling that involves characters north of the border. For example, I am currently working on a short screenplay about the Loup de Garou, which is a French-Canadian werewolf. However, all I can offer at this is lots of encouragement, so go get it. Hope everything works out. P.S. Have spent time in and around Toronto. It's a beautiful psrt of the world.

Tye Evans

@Bob and @Gigi, it's always money and distribution that holds me back.

Gigi M. Green

@Tye Any luck with crowdfunding just to get teh ball rolling?

Tye Evans

Hey Gigi, crowdfunding is a great idea. Definitely something I'm thinking about.

Jenn Mello

Tye, if you're thinking about crowdfunding...I couldn't recommend more! Its both a crowdfunding and distribution platform in one. Also, it runs like a wedding registry...SO: instead of asking for money, you can say "Hey fans, I need a Red camera and a couch & chairs for my living room set." Your contributors can purchase specific items for your film, and then they can't wait to see your film to see the couch they purchased! It's FANTASTIC. I'm dear friends with the CEO, but I'm also just a huge fan of the company and they are BLOWING up right now. I'm happy to email introduce you to get the ball rolling. Email me at if you'd like an intro.

Gigi M. Green

@Jenn Fantastic idea!

Tye Evans

Hey Jenn, thank you so much for this! Looks amazing!

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