Introduce Yourself : Both feet into the barrel over Niagra by Benjamin Sanchez

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Benjamin Sanchez

Both feet into the barrel over Niagra

Hi all, I'm Ben.

I've been hobby writing for years, but I recently emailed a famous sci-fi screenwriter about a story idea, and he asked me to submit for possible collaboration, so I'm working on my first treatment/screenplay. I have 12 other exciting stories outlined, and I'm very keen to produce them as P.O.D. graphic novels, as an interim step to film treatment. I'm open to creative partners, and I'm fascinated by the concept of crowdsourcing.

Thank you all.

PS - ask me about "HooProfits?!?", a show that takes down the worst people in the world.

Shlomo Klein

Hi Ben, you mentioned graphic novels. I am currently 30% done with the 1st book in a YA series that I am writing, and I have planes to turn it into a streaming series , as well as a graphic novel. Do you have any experience with graphic novels? Have you used any artists yet?

Derek Reid

Nice to meet you! I'm the same way in that I have many fleshed out ideas in the pipeline... although sometimes that makes it a little difficult to fully focus on the project at hand 100% of the time. haha

James T. Sale

Congrats on getting started...

Cherelynn Baker

Keep going forward on your dreams!

Tony Ginn

I am a Sci Fi writer, as well, and have scripted the Void ( Black Hole ) the Beginning in the " War of the Worlds " with extensive research with NASA and Classified and Unclassified U.S. Documents regarding Alien contact and reading William Cohen's book " Last Strike ". Lot's of Fun!

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