Introduce Yourself : Brand new here to Stage32 - feature film actress, screenwriter Laurene Landon by Laurene Landon

Brand new here to Stage32 - feature film actress, screenwriter Laurene Landon

Hello EVERYONE here on STAGE32. So exciting to connect with creatives that have a command of the alphabet. Undoubtedly, this site has cornered the market on scintillating telencephalons. I shop at the Goodwill, because the bad WON'T! I have two feature films coming out in theaters soon - AGRAMON'S GATE a horror/psycho thriller which I star. The other is NATION'S FIRE - opposite Bruce Dern who divulged in front of the entire cast, crew and execs, "Laurene, there is only one actress I have ever worked with better than you; that would be my daughter." Humbling is an understatement. THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER gave me a stellar review for SKY - opposite Diane Kruger - now on Netflix, which can be seen on my website Hoping to be on the radar of film makers here, since I have starred in some 37 feature films, including MANIAC COP1&2, ALL THE MARBLES for MGM, AIRPLANE2 for Paramount, I, the Jury for FOX and so on. I scribed the treatment for the feature film CELLULAR and am also the screenwriter of DOG PEN - where surreptitious inmates pilfer the inestimable pedigreed dog of the naive Warden, Ramsey Lorde (R. Lorde) and demand their own dogs in return for Butchie. Ramsey complies, to the ire of the States Correctional System. This is a comedy, where the thematic echo is to rescue, don't breed for greed. Canines. Cons. Chaos. Thank you for reading my missive and the very BEST of luck to everyone here endeavoring to achieve the same or similar goals. Laurene Landon •

Cali Gilbert

Welcome to the family Laurene Landon

Laurene Landon

Thank you so very much, Cali Gilbert. I noticed your post today and apologize for not responding sooner.

Maurice Vaughan

Welcome, Laurene!

Cali Gilbert

No worries Laurene. You're very welcome.

Debbie Croysdale

Hi and welcome. Agramons Gate The Psycho Horror Thriller sounds fascinating. Will look it up.

Aray Brown

Welcome Laurene!

Pamela Bolinder

Laurene Landon, hi. Sent invite.

Johnnie Jay

That's Awesome! Helloo Laurene!

Howard Koor


Linwood Bell

Congrats Laurene and welcome!

Laurene Landon

Thank you so very much Cali, Maurice, Debbie, Aray, Pamela, Johnnie Jay, Howard and Linwood for welcoming me. I only found out about STAGE32 two weeks ago. Gratitude and blessings.

Olga Aquije

Welcome Lauren and also congratulations for all your achievements, maybe one day you can come over to Australia and do some films here.

Maurice Vaughan

You're welcome, Laurene!

F.J. Hubert

"a command of the alphabet": I love it! LOL You have an impressive resume, Laurene, so, I only see good things coming your way (in my crystal ball). I can feel that you have a heart, and that often makes the difference between enduring success or failure in this industry. Courage. Passion. Resilience. Welcome to our friendly, genuine bunch!

Richard "RB" Botto

Fantastic to have you in the community, Laurene!

Aray Brown

Welcome to the community!

Vincent Paterno

A good lady who I know from personal experience. Glad to have you here, Laurene!

Ginny Monroe MA

Hi Laurene, I love your gold necklace. Have a great weekend Ginny

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