Introduce Yourself : Breaking into the business! by Spencer Ramsey

Spencer Ramsey

Breaking into the business!

Hi everyone! I will be graduating with an MBA here in May. I plan to use my MBA to start my own studio (as film is where my passion lies) after graduation. I will initially be creating content for local businesses before transitioning to indie features. My one big question right now is where to move after I graduate? I am currently just outside Portland, but I'm ready for something different. I've been leaning towards Austin, but recently an opportunity to live with a buddy in LA emerged and now I'm torn. Any suggestions or overall thoughts would be much appreciated!

Colin Hussey

There's a huge pool of acting, writing and production talent in the San Francisco Bay Area, if you'd like to try someplace halfway between Portland and L.A.

Dan MaxXx

Move to LA. everywhere else is amateurs. U wanna play with the big boys, its Hollywood. bring lots of $$$$$. money talks in LA. U want a meeting with a top agent or manager or even a Producer. Invite them to Lunch at Ago restaurant. no one turns down a free meal at a 4-star joint.

Spencer Ramsey

Thank you for your thoughts! Colin - I was potentially thinking about the Bay Area for a while but I initially ruled it out because I thought compared to a city like Austin, the Bay would have a significantly higher cost of living. Do you think its worth looking back into? I visited the Bay about a month ago and did enjoy it. Dan - I think my biggest reservation for LA is the pure amount of competition considering I want to start indie and not work for a studio. Do you think the opportunities still far outweigh everything else regardless?

Colin Hussey

Oakland is still relatively inexpensive, as are parts of the East and South Bay. It's SF where the rents are through the roof.

Izzibella Beau

Wishing you the best of luck in your travels and graduation. Maybe our paths will cross in the big arena of production and films.

Spencer Ramsey

Colin - Thank you! I'll go ahead and look closer in those areas! Izzibella - Thank you! I look forward it!

LindaAnn Loschiavo

Spencer, my niece and nephew are in the film business in L.A. Though they make a good living, they still rent out a room to help pay expenses. They also say they sit in traffic for HOURS every day. Rent a hotel room or stay on a couch for 30 days in a city --- before you decide. I'm a native New Yorker ---- for me Manhattan is where miracles happen every day.

Jessie Bernard

I would recommend a smaller market like Baltimore/ Washington DC. It's small ,but it's booming and their aren't a surplus of competitors. L.A will be super challenging ,but at the end of the day it's important to follow your heart. It will lead you where you need to be.

Pete Allman

Mr. Ramsey, I admire your passion, however there is a potential in Texas for investors to invest in your projects with a good script, a couple of endorsement letters from name talent and a good business plan. Teaming up with the right people makes a big difference because this business has unethical people in it. Los Angeles and its surrounding areas is a good place to network and those dinners others are talking about, are necessary to build relationships.Last but not least, I would advise you to study every aspect of the business and do it in a work related way before you open a studio. There's lots of competition. I know, because two of my associates are struggling with their sound stages. All good things take work, diligence and focus. Keep that burning passion in a realistic way.

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