Introduce Yourself : Building on our Studio family.... by Lee Murphy

Lee Murphy

Building on our Studio family....

Wanting a new adventure in your life? Well look no further than Sheringham Studios. Sheringham Studios was founded 2 years ago and in it that time we would like to think we have achieved a lot as an independent studio. The hardest thing in this industry as many will know is finding the investors to back your vision. We have been very lucky to find incredible investors, who continue to back our studio and projects. Now we seek many talented filmmakers from Directors, Screenwriters, Production Designers you name it to work with as we expand the studio. Currently we are working on an epic Interactive Sci-Fi series, which has been in development for 9months, we believe this will set a new benchmark for Interactive Entertainment, our goal as a studio is to create unique experiences for audiences around the globe. As this very exciting world begins to grow, we are looking to build on our creative team and want to surround ourselves with the brightest and imaginative minds around. As of this moment we are looking for great writers to work with, so if your looking for new projects to excite you get in touch.

Mark Souza

I'm a screenwriter, where do I sign up? I can supply you with writing samples if you wish, and we can talk.

James Coleman

Yous said the magic word to me, adventure. What kind of an adventure could we have together?

Lina Jones

Very nice. Welcome

Merlin Fraser

Welcome Lee, you arrive like a breeze on a hot day and the fact that you are UK based is a fantastic bonus. As a novelist and writer of children's stories I would love to see if my work was good enough to come alive on the screen be it TV or interactive.

Mary Filmer

Hi Lee, I am a children's author. Like most authors I would love to see one of my books made into a movie. Can you check out my U Tube which is an animation of the first book of a series of children's fantasy books I am writing. U Tube:

Philip Hurd-Wood

Hi Lee, I'm an actor/voiceover/writer and would love to introduce myself. My most recent writing work is a short film and here is the link: The Blue Dress: password: bluepass

Randall Roffe

Cannot be played here ... durn

Lee Murphy

Hi I'm alive sorry everybody, I am working on three projects at the moment, it's all a little crazy.

Miche Collins

Awesome! Congrats on your success and ability to find investors. I would love to team with your production family.

Lars Davidson

Wow, Lee, that's a spectacular website at The stories and visuals are amazing. Love "The Craftsman" and "Money Kills", and the sci-fi/actioner "Fracture" sounds absolutely, epically wild. Your company is freshly versatile. The trailers look fantastic. Can't wait to see these movies. You are an inspiration and obviously have put together a team with vision and purpose. This alone is a huge accomplishment. Please let us know -- when you get the chance -- what your criteria for writers is as I'm sure there are some talented scribes here who would love to submit specs and samples.

Merlin Fraser

Hi Lee... Not too sure you should apologise for being alive !!!! We will be patient.

Mary Filmer

Hi Lee, it sounds great what you have done. Do you do children's films? Mary Filmer Children's Author

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