Introduce Yourself : Business Development/Sales by Reginald E. Thomas Jr.

Reginald E. Thomas Jr.

Business Development/Sales

My name is Reggie Thomas and my background is in sales and business development. I am a formerly with The Crisis magazine/NAACP, where I was developing and launching Crisis/NAACP films. I recently decided to take early retirement from the Association, so as a result, I will not be continuing with that development. I am planning to move forward with work to support my cousin, film producer Preston Holmes, and colleague, Monica Cooper, in furthering development of their projects. My background includes Director of Sales at talk station WLIB in New York, and Vice President of International Sales at Metromedia International, where I was based in Moscow, Russia. I am a Russian speaker and my hope is to someday bridge motion picture business opportunities with U.S. filmmakers and those in other countries, including Russia.

Willem Lodewijk Elzenga

I am interested in the Russian filmmarket. What kind of opportunities are you thinking of?

Reginald E. Thomas Jr.

I believe that there are a number of Russians interested in the film industry and would like to invest in American films. I haven't lived there in quite a while, but I would like to reconnect with some of my old friends who have those contacts. I would also like to form collaborations between Russians and Americans in the industry.

Reginald E. Thomas Jr.

Willem, let me know if you have any ideas. We're pretty flexible and would like to explore anything that may be interesting.

Lorenzo P. Adams

Hello Reginald! I am also interested in collaboration, especially with anyone who is interested in finding great American stories to invest in. I would love to be one of your first collaborators along with your family projects.

Willem Lodewijk Elzenga

I am in contact with a American/Russian producer and distributor who does projects in between $500k and $15mln. He also has contacts with a Russian animation studio. I am looking to do something production wise in Russia and work with greenscreen technology. This could be done with a combined US crew and cast. I have been working on several screenplays for that, one of them is actually produced by James Cameron. More on greenscreen and CGI:

Next to this I am also interested to develop projects in the action and scifi genre, maybe even with Russian writers and producers.

I have my own sources for finance, producing and distribution but would love to learn more about your network and see if we can make a project or two that can actually recoup.

Reginald E. Thomas Jr.

Excellent, Willem. Let’s stay in touch to make something happen.

Landis Stokes

Russian seems like a very tricky language to learn. What kind of films are popular in the Russian indie market? Are you and your collaborators looking for specific genres?

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