Introduce Yourself : Cause-marketing Creative Productions by Willie Drake

Willie Drake

Cause-marketing Creative Productions

I been a member of Stage 32 community for over a year. I've been a one man production company call DAM promoters that create content to support a Causes.... However, I'm looking to bring on more people to join the company.

Amanda Toney

Hi Willie, so great you're introducing yourself to all the new members. What exactly does DAM do? What kind of content do you create and what sort of causes are you trying to promote? Would love to learn more about it!

Jose Guns Alves

Hello Willie, I too am curious about what DAM does and what you're looking to add.

Willie Drake

Well as you are aware ...or maybe not. Cause-marketing is when a non-profit and a for profit business get together for a Cause i.e., "for every swipe of your MasterCard $1.00 goes to the Breast Cancer Society...." Digital Audience Marketing Promoters LLC (DAM Promoters) creates Cause-related productions. If you would like to be apart this exciting Dream Company all you need is time, your talent, and creativity. Send Your Resume to:

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