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Cecelia Fresh

Cecelia Fresh

I am a screenwriter. Just finished my first full-length, comedy/romance feature spec screenplay titled “Feeling Ophelia,” which I just entered into a contest with Gidden Media that I read about on Stage32. I’m already working on a new piece with a writing partner that will be a drama thriller series. Kind of excited to dig in to this one! We just spent the last two days fleshing out the characters, seasons, episodes, theme, etc. I live in Tucson and make occasional trips to LA to network. I’ve been on Stage 32 for a handful of years, but don’t often have the time to interact much here. I always tell people about the site though, because I think it’s a great thing! I look forward to networking and connecting with the community here!

Vincent Paterno

Romantic comedy is my strong suit! I've written two features, "Stand Tall!" and "Fugitive Sweetheart," am working on a third and recently collaborated on a fourth comedy. I'm also a film historian whose 12-year-old site Carole & Co.,, recently passed 4,000 entries. Best wishes, and enjoy life!

Susan Joyce DuBosque

Exciting! Good luck with the contest.

Cecelia Fresh

Thanks Vincent, your romcoms look awesome! Best wishes to you as well. Thanks, Susan!!

Robert Sacchi

Good luck with the Gidden Media contest. Keep us posted.

Cecelia Fresh

Thanks, Robert! I most definitely will.

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