Introduce Yourself : Challenge Accepted! by Carmen Mosley

Carmen Mosley

Challenge Accepted!

Happy to accept RB's challenge! I have been a member since Nov 2020 and I love all the connections and insane amount of education! I love all the resources on Instagram as well. I am so happy I found Stage 32 and so grateful to be among many talented, kind, and inspirational people. I lost my mother three weeks ago and working has been a challenge. I am grateful for the consistent reminders and opportunities for seminars and the like to help me write again. Thank you Stage 32. Welcome, all new members! Cheers

Carmen (Camie)

Richard "RB" Botto

SO, so sorry to hear about your mother, Carmen. Sending you all the positive and healing vibes possible.

And thank you for brightening my morning with all these thoughtful and generous words. Means a great deal to me and the team.

Keep smiling!

Maurice Vaughan

Hi, Carmen. Great to meet you. My condolences to you about your mom passing.

Selma Karayalcin

Hi Carmen, my mother passed away 7 months ago and I'm still in alot of pain over it - but it has made my writing seem more urgent and somehow more relevant. It is so important that you keep writing during this sad time. My condolences.

Edward Gehlert

Nice to meet you! Sorry to hear about your mother. When I lost mine a few years ago I just concentrated on work to get me through it. Stage 32 has a fantastic support system for creatives.

Bruce Radek

Hi Carmen, great to meet you and so sorry about your mom. I lost my Dad last year, and I understand. Bruce

Maurice Vaughan

My condolences to all of you.

Tasha Lewis

My condolences to you and your family! Stage.32 has that affect on people.

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