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Characters Rule

I've been a professional writer in various mediums for a while now &, although I tend to have cool concepts, premises, etc, nobody cares if they don't care about the characters. Just something I constantly remind myself. Anyhoo, I've done a lot of comic book (PistolFist, The Sorrow, Steve Roper & Mike Nomad) & graphic novel work (5 adaptations of Ted Dekker's bestsellers, 6 volumes of the Manga Bible). I also wrote some online games for the National Geographic Channel & an interactive audiobook called The Realm Unseen. I almost sold a Warehouse 13 script to NBC/Universal and we currently have interest from a TV producer in a modern, TheCW/ABCfamily-ish version of Jekyll & Hyde. Although I've done other things, I'd love to write for TV &/or Film. That's really where my heart is & where my visual style would work best. I should probably also mention that I'm disabled, so writing can be...interesting. I deal w/ chronic pain, most of which is due to problems caused by my bones growing/fusing together...among other things. I primarily use a headset & MacSpeech Dictate/DragonSpeak to write. Thank God for modern technology! Everyone has challenges, I just try not to let mine be an excuse. PistolFist TRAILER --

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