Introduce Yourself : Christian Filmmaker from Dallas TX looking for advice by Andy Costa

Andy Costa

Christian Filmmaker from Dallas TX looking for advice

I'm a long time corporate video producer moving into the Christian Filmmaking space. I have 2 faith base documentaries done and want to produce features. I've quickly learned that this is a completely different beast. Would love to connect with Christian filmmakers. I need to crack the distribution code. After 12 years in the video industry I believe I'm just scratching the surface. Need someone from the deep to guide me.

Dawn Gonchar

Welcome Andy!

Ron Newcomb

Happy to hop on a call with ya! Let me know.

Erik A. Jacobson

Welcome to Stage 32, Andy! Yes, the family-values/faith-based genre is much more complex than most people realize. I'd be happy to impart a little insight from my limited experience. Feel free to PM me.

Rutger Oosterhoff

Would love to help you, but looking at my loglines, I'm probably the antichrist. That's what you get when your parents are atheist but you also learn the Bible by heart at every school you go to. But I must say "Ben Hur" (1959) is still one of my favorite movies. I have seen it a gazillion times.

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