Introduce Yourself : Christian Screenwriter who hates Christian movies by Luke Sokolewicz

Luke Sokolewicz

Christian Screenwriter who hates Christian movies

Hello my fellow creative geniuses! I'm a copywriter for a living, but I live for learning and writing comedic screenplays and such. My ultimate goal is to make Christian comedy movies that don't suck. Give me a shout if you're interested in working with me. I also like unicorns. Here's my website with my latest and greatest copywriting/screenwriting work. Thanks!

Jonathan Kramer

Too funny Luke.. it's the same as saying you're a vegetarian that hates vegies! LOL.. I'm not into this whole Christian thing but instead, our focus is on Entertainment with Purpose.. Unicorns work too :)

Luke Sokolewicz

Nice to meet both of you :)

Sue Molenda

When I was a little girl attending a Baptist Church in Chicago, my dad's distant cousin was "the" Christian filmmaker. Ken Anderson of Ken Anderson films. I used to watch his movies in church, some Sunday nights, and think, "I'm going to do that, only I'm going to do it better." Because even back then, under age ten, I knew Christian movies sucked, compared to "real" movies. I ended up writing, directing, and acting in a lot of Christian plays, for a couple of decades... like... three. And then I decided to start learning screenwriting... I've been learning for over ten years... and have written a few scripts... and they all suck... especially the Christian ones. So now... I'm going to write secular screenplays that don't suck... God willing. But first, I'm writing a book or two. Cancer sucks worse than Christian movies. I was in Wesley... Acting. But... well... it's a Christian movie. 'Nuff said. Glad you're going to make non-sucking Christian movies. Good luck. Yes, I'd like to help if I can...

Luke Sokolewicz

Hi Sue. Thanks for sharing your story. Sounds like you've got great experience and cool things in the works. Let's touch base for sure.

James David Sullivan

Thanks for being so open with a disease that often takes lives too early! God Bless You!

Anne K. Miranda

Love the 6 second videos! Keep up the good work.

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