Introduce Yourself : Cinematographer from Manila, Philippines by Sol Garcia

Sol Garcia

Cinematographer from Manila, Philippines

Hi Guys! I stumbled upon this awesome site about a year ago and it took me ages to write here to introduce myself. I'm Sol and I'm a cinematographer from the Philippines. I've always liked the thought of collaborating with other filmmakers around the world and so far I've met a few directors who'd like to work with me. Meanwhile, I just shot my 1st mainstream movie and I'd like to share the trailer with you. Cheers!

Dan MaxXx

Very clean. Crisp images. best of luck!

Sol Garcia

Thank You

Rick James

Very nice!

Lord Graham C Jones

Well done Sol. Great job :-)

Jacob James Henry

Hey-looks real interesting, Sol. Nice work!

Sol Garcia

Thank you guys! Appreciate it ❤

Vilorencia Junior

nice like it

Mark Mccoy


KC Compton

Hope we get to see it (with English subtitles :=>). Looks fun. Congratulations on such a big accomplishment!

Sol Garcia

Thank you guys! ❤

Richard "RB" Botto

So glad you stepped out into the light and made a post, Sol! Beautiful work. Hope you'll spend some time in the Cinematography section of the Stage 32 Lounge. Be great to have you experience and wisdom in the mix!

Jorge J Prieto

Sol, btw that means sun in Spanish, I was just like you. It took a while to come out, but thanks to RB and many others here, once I did, it was a blessing, for the most part. Congrats on your film. Good luck and please don't be a stranger no more. Like RB said, now you are in the light, where all of us here belong.

Richard "RB" Botto

And that kind of support (Jorge's post) is exactly what you can expect around here, Sol!

Sol Garcia

Really overwhelmed! Thankful to have a solid support group who share the same passion. Thank You ❤❤❤

Sol Garcia

Yes, but in in a horror film. An old woman with a knife assaulting a young lady.

Neil Angelo Briones

oh wow, this is the one I saw during the election period few months ago haha. What camera was this shot?

Sol Garcia

I used Arri Alexa XT + Cooke S4i lenses :)

Ryan Phillips

Congrats, hope to meet you soon.

Sonny Wasinger

Very nice. Good job!

Sol Garcia

Thank You, Guys!!!

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