Introduce Yourself : David Banks - Commercial Reel 2015 | HD by David Banks

David Banks

David Banks - Commercial Reel 2015 | HD

David Banks

Thanks so much Kathryn

Tom Dunnill

Thanks for the connection, awesome showreel

William Balch

Love the reel, David!

David Banks

Cheers Tom!!! Keep me posted on all your writing projects my friend (:

David Banks

Hi William!!! Happy Monday neighbor! Homecoming looks great!

Caecilia Key

Glad to meet you David. Loved the reel.

David Banks

Hey Owen!!! That was incredibly kind!!!! Many thanks! Congrats on all your awards! Please keep me posted on all your upcoming projects!

David Banks

Even happier to meet you Caecilia! Thanks sooooo much (:

Paul Sulsky

I like your demo reel.

David Banks

Many thanks paul! Have a great day (:

Debbie Croysdale

Enjoyed. Quirky and imaginative. Loved the "phone shame" clip on the plane. I think the idea could be expanded on for a "fun" phone advert. People remember iconic embarrassing situations, over the perfectly presented emotionless stream of ads. Debbie

Mike Romoth

Absolutely awesome! Put a smile on my face that will last all day. If I was hiring, you'd be top of the list. Great f-ing job!

David Banks

Thanks so much Debbie!!! Have a beautiful week (:

David Banks

Mike, your bio is absolutely amazing!!! When do you have time to sleep? (:

Richard "RB" Botto

Love it, David! Distinctively you, man!

David Banks

That means a lot coming from you RB! (:

Antonio Ingram

You're funny, David. Very entertaining reel, man. I wish you all the best with your other projects.

David Banks

Cheers to you Antonio! and NC! It's Great place buddy!!!

Art Wasem

Hey David, Your link for your website isn't working. Also, Stage 32 sent out a blog you wrote about booking 100 commercials. That link is being redirected. Could you send me a link to it, please?

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