Introduce Yourself : Dealing with fails by Nathan Mccoy

Nathan Mccoy

Dealing with fails

My development team (writing partner) have three tv shows in the pitch machine of Hollywood and it’s a slog. We find ourselves going through the gambit of emotions from pitch to pitch. Most recently we had what we as a group all agreed was a perfect pitch to a perfect production/distributor. The zoom meeting lasted almost 2 hours of dynamic Q&A and anecdotes from all participants. The executive producer was engaged and even pumping her fist in the air. They requested our first two eps and the full season arc and all materials… and it took them just shy of two months but finally came back as a pass. We had A-List attachments (actors, director, showrunner), and it just didn’t happen. However… What we have found is even an initial “No” doesn’t mean a no forever. Usually companies will share a project they couldn’t take on as bargaining chips for other deals, etc…

it was also a nice ice breaker to approach them in the future. They liked the last project and felt bad we couldn’t work together. So perhaps more amenable for the next project.

You will only fail if you give up, and it is important to remember that anyone can succeed (to some degree) depending on the amount of effort and time they put in to their craft. You just eventually become highly skilled.

At least that’s what we believe at OHP. Happy weekend everyone, and keep on crushing it!

Taylor C. Baker

Wow Nathan Mccoy, thank you so much for sharing your story! That is one of the truly unique (and tough) things about the entertainment industry - you can get past some many major hurdles and get really close to the finish line, and then is falls apart at the end. But like you said "you will only fail if you give up" - so thank you for not giving up and continuing to hustle hard! Wishing you luck and success with your current and future projects

Richard "RB" Botto

As someone who is also out with a show with major attachments, I was nodding all the way through this, Nathan. It IS a slog at times, but it's part of the process. Love your perspective on it all. Keep crushing and getting after it. Cheers, and thanks for sharing.

Nathan Mccoy

Hehe, gosh… my problems are solved. I can just print my film budget.

Christiane Lange

:D That is one of the funniest spams I've seen in a while.

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