Introduce Yourself : Development Executive Seeking Projects by Lee Roth

Lee Roth

Development Executive Seeking Projects

Hi Everyone ... The short version ... I work in development for feature films and television. My job is to seek out new projects every. single. day!

Our search is open to all genres. We prefer original stories, not sequels or derivatives. No superheroes, no zombies, no vampires!

We like to focus on well-developed characters and a diverse cast.

Projects with strong female leads are well-received.

→ Preference is given to original stories with a socially conscious message. ←

Send a private message for a link to the submission form, or visit for more information.

It has often been said that show business is 5% show and 95% business. Roth Stock Pictures is the bridge between the two. We take the business part of making a movie or television show off the shoulde…
Warren Eig

Lee sent you a request in order to talk more about what you are looking for.


Surina Nel

Hi Lee. I tried sending you a message but need you to accept my friend request first. I have a beautiful, yet original feature for you. I'll wait on your response

Michele E. Gwynn

Hi Lee. Will definitely check that out.

Lee Roth

Thanks Michele E. Gwynn

Warren Eig thanks for the request.

Surina Nel ... Check your messages.

Debrianna Mansini

Hi Lee! nice to meet you! i have a show running now at The Hudson Theatres - i have a one pager to develop it for TV. would love you to see it. STRONG female content.

Lee Roth

Hi Debrianna Mansini ... For television, we require a show bible for the first season, a script for the pilot, a synopsis, and proof of copyright registration.

For others out there wondering ... For feature films, we need a script, a synopsis and proof of copyright registration.

We are seeking projects ready for development. If your script is on the first draft, or not yet written, it's a bit too early!

Christopher Thomas

Hello Lee I have a Feature Film script ready for Development and a synopsis as well copyright registration.

Debrianna Mansini

would still love you to come if you can- thnx Lee!

Lee Roth

Thanks Debrianna Mansini ... messaging you.

Lee Roth

Hi Christopher Thomas ... yet in 4 years on Stage 32, you have no profile. Pass!

Amitav Roy

Hello. Is this open to only people for USA or others can apply too?

Abbie Lucas

Hi Lee, have sent you a request. My co-writer and I have an original screenplay with a female lead and diverse cast. Would love to speak further on it!

Jamie Sadler

ARG! I just sent a form over and the title was autocorrected to some random nonsense! The title correction should be fairly clear from the online info. It somewhat ruins the effect I fear... Cheers.

James Pappoe Jr

Hi, Lee! Sent you a friend request! Got an original for you! Strong female character like you requested! Actually, more than one strong female character! Would like to connect with you, sir! Thank you!

Christopher Thomas

Hello Lee I just recently signed back on to Stage 32 and have updated this account, and have a really good project that has legs and really believe The script is worth a look.

Lee Roth

Amitav Roy ... we work with screenwriters, producers and projects worldwide.

Lee Roth

Abbie Lucas ... check your InBox.

Lee Roth

Kay Luke ... WGA tells you on their registration page that they are not a substitute for registering with the Library of Congress U.S. Copyright Office. WGA is not an enforcement body. The Copyright Office is.

We do not accept scripts or show bibles that have not been registered with the appropriate copyright or intellectual property office in the country of origin, although scripts originating outside of the United States may still register with the U.S. Copyright Office should they choose to do so.

Registration may be completed online, the fee is $55 USD, and the entire process should take about 20 minutes.

During the registration process, you will receive a series of three confirmation emails, the final one has a Subject Line: Acknowledgement of Uploaded Deposit and contains both the file name that was registered along with a Case Number for tracking purposes. You may forward that email as proof of registration while awaiting receipt of your actual Certificate of Copyright, which will take several months to receive. Once you have the Certificate, you may send us a copy to swap out the email.

We require this for the protection of your Intellectual Property to establish a chain of title to ownership of rights ... the screenwriter!

Lee Roth

Hey Jamie Sadler ... who's Gerry?! :D

No worries ... I see it on the server.

Brian Graf

Greetings Lee ! Brian here from Tampa Florida. Stage32 is real world stuff. I am currently working on a project that might be right up your alley Lee. But more on this later. I am going to peruse your website just to see your business and I am always happy to just say hello and introduce myself. Enjoy your week.

Lee Roth

Hoping we pass inspection Brian Graf! :D

Christopher Thomas

Hello Lee I just recently signed back on to Stage 32 and have updated this account, and have a really good project that has legs and really believe The script is worth a look.

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