Introduce Yourself : Development Executive Seeking Projects! by Lee Roth

Lee Roth

Development Executive Seeking Projects!

Hi Everyone ,

The short version ... I work in development for feature films and television. My job is to seek out new projects every. single. day!

Our search is open to all genres. We prefer original stories, not sequels or derivatives. No superheroes, no zombies, no vampires!

- We like to focus on well-developed characters and a diverse cast.

- Projects with strong female leads are well-received.

→ Preference is given to original stories with a socially conscious message. ←

Send a private message for a link to the submission form, or visit for more information.

It has often been said that show business is 5% show and 95% business. Roth Stock Pictures is the bridge between the two. We take the business part of making a movie or television show off the shoulde…
Steven Roeder

Hi Lee, I have a slate of projects that fit . Send me a submission form or reach me at Steve Roeder, (818) 416-5138 IMDB, LinkedIn, google,

Lee Roth

Hi Steven Roeder ... Thanks for reaching out. Check your email.

Lee Roth

Hi Kay Luke ... We have financiers available for projects we develop. We do not participate in finance only deals. We also do not option scripts.

We are production management with a vast network of vendors, including financiers, to complete the development, pre-, production, post-, delivery and distribution processes.

Lee Roth

Hi Kay Luke ... Different companies and producers have different business practices. I speak for ours and our production partners.

But in general, two rounds of funding are required to make movies or tv shows; development funding to package your project for presentation to capital financiers, and capital finance for production funds.

There are generally three methods of finance:

- Equity investors (our preferred method),

- Deficit finance (the studio system, get paid and lose all control of your project)

- Debt finance (not our preferred method, but it works if no other options are available).

1. We do not participate in deficit finance.

2. We do not take any interest in your intellectual property (IP). It's YOUR project.

3. We do not take creative control. We will advise you through the process so that you may make educated decisions.


We Are The Bridge Between Creative and Business!

Think of us as production management. If you have some pieces of the development puzzle already in place, we can most often work with them and fill in the gaps to get your project ready for capital finance.

You only have a good script, a synopsis, and proof of copyright registration?

You don't have an extensive production services network?

You don't have contacts in Hollywood to help get your picture made?

You are EXACTLY the person we can benefit the most!

Maurice Vaughan

Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Roth! I've found Stage 32 to be phenomenal. Hope you do, too!

E. LeeAnn

Thanks for the post Mr. Roth!! It is greatly appreciated. :-)

Morrison James

Please to meet you here on Stage 32 Lee Roth. Sounds most interesting. I will send you PM - New original TV Series, Drama driven, lots of characters, never before done - pitch already has interest from Netflix Asia.

Lee Roth

Maurice Vaughan ... thanks for the welcome! I have found Stage 32 to be a great place for networking. Happy to be here.

Lee Roth

E. LeeAnn ... I'm glad you found my post helpful. :)

Lee Roth

Morrison James ... It's a pleasure to meet you. Check your InBox!

Louis Tété

Awesome Lee Roth , thank you for sharing :)

Maurice Vaughan

Yes, Stage 32 is great for nerworking, Mr. Roth. Have a great weekend and a productive week, everyone.

Micah Aarre Read

You look awesome... Quick question, though. Do you accept fantasy comedy series with a lot of unique and quirky characters? Because I've got this enchanted fairy road trip tale that I've been working on...

Diane Baia Hale

Thank you, Mr. Roth, for the extended response that you gave to Kay Luke above. I'm a playwright with a pair of award-winning scripts that I'm currently adapting for the screen. Theatre is such a different animal from film, and the learning curve is steep at times--I very much appreciate the remarks you made!

Tawny Stokes

Hey Lee, I would love a link to your submission form. Thanks for this opportunity.

Micah Aarre Read

Found it by myself on the website above... Hope that someone will find the link useful. [LINK DELETED - PM MR. ROTH!]

Gregory L. Heitmann

Hi, Lee. Check out my loglines, they are right there on my Stage 32 page.

Bradford Hanson

Hi, Lee. What a fascinating background. I'd love a link to your submission form. Very much appreciate the opportunity.

Micah Aarre Read

Bradford Hanson Tawny Stokes Look on Mr. Roth's website for the submission form... And it was in this very thread for a while. (Spoiler alert: I copied the link three posts above this one so that he wouldn't have to be bothered by people who didn't know where it was. Then I thought about it, and decided it'd be better if you looked for it yourselves or asked him.)

Katheryn Maddox Haddad

I like the standards this company seems to have. I plan to submit my 84-scripts TV series. It is historical and I think the pilot will cost around $10 million. I have a neat poster for it and am getting ready to do the trailer/sizzler. Yes, all 84 scripts are copyrighted. Hope I meet all the qualifications.

Lee Roth

Katheryn Maddox Haddad ... Thanks for the kind words, but ... Please DO NOT inundate me with 84 submissions. One or two to start MAX! Thanks!

Derek Reid

Lee my dude! I understand what Katheryn was trying to say but I am legit cracking up here! Most good comedy has roots in sympathy I think. lol

Katheryn Maddox Haddad

Don't worry. I'll just be sending you the pilot. I have the other 83 put away in a closet for now.

Lee Roth

Hi Micah Aarre Read ... First and foremost ... drop the post-Potter magic school and come up with something fresh. We are not interested in sequels or derivative works! ... nor first drafts! Spend the time, have your work peer reviewed, take and learn from the notes, polish your script, then consider sending it out for coverage before submission.

We seek out original stories!

Elizabeth Karr

Thanks for the info!

Lee Roth

Hi Diane Baia Hale ... Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you have found my posts helpful. Yes, theater vs. film ... different worlds as far a format and delivery, but both depend upon good storytelling!

Lee Roth

Hi Tawny Stokes ... Check your InBox. :)

Micah Aarre Read

Lee Roth Firstly, my script is not about a magic school for boring human beings, it's about a crazy magical "road trip" through Celtic mythology (and a few others - but modernized, as this is an urban fantasy) over the seven days before St. Patrick's Day. Secondly, I've had it reviewed by a local writer's group twice now, and they've told me that it's very different from anything they've seen (which is exactly what I set out to do every time I write something down). Thirdly, I think I may have unintentionally provided insufficient information for you to judge what I was doing... Sorry about that.

Lee Roth

Just going to toss this out there ... suggested reading for all Stage 32 members!

From Joleene Moody, Content Curator for the Stage 32 Blog ...

Yes ... a headshot for your avatar matters.

Yes, a complete profile matters.

Yes, credits should be linked to IMDb.

Personal Note: I'm always happy to work with up and coming writers and producers. Credits are not mandatory, good stories are.

Lee Roth

Hi Derek Reid ... Experience has taught me to clarify things sometimes. I have had people flood my InBox thinking that will increase their chances ... kind of like buckshot. Nope ... it doesn't work that way! :D

Lee Roth

Thank you Elizabeth Karr ... Great profile and IMDb. Curious about POP. 1280.

Please DM me! ;)

Lee Roth

Hi Micah Aarre Read ... You know where the form is ... start there and I'll get back to you later this week. ;)

Timothy James Sudano

That's wonderful news, thanks!

Rutger Oosterhoff


Christopher Thomas

Hey Lee I have a great original story that fall in to the comedy field

Olga Aquije

Thanks, Lee, this is great!

Anthony Osarfo

Was just about sending them an email - - but their preamble is clear, IF SCRIPT IS NOT REGISTERED, THEY WONT ACCEPT IT. I may have to get my screenplay registered before I submit. Thank you for the information.

Debbie Croysdale

@Hey Lee. What is the deadline for submissions? Most of my work is in production but I have some scripts on back burner.

Sy A Diamonds

Thanks Lee.

Derek Reid

Aside from me being silly in this thread I did actually just submit something - so here is the least-I-can-do-post-bump to perhaps get the site a couple more eyeballs as a thanks.

Lee Roth

Hi Debbie Croysdale ... No deadline. This is what I do ... every. single. day! :)

Lee Roth

Hi Anthony Osarfo ... You are correct, proof of copyright registration is required with submissions.

In order to protect your intellectual property, we require that all scripts be registered with the United States Copyright Office, or the appropriate Intellectual Property office in the country of origin.

Registration with the Writers Guild of America is not a substitute for copyright registration, as indicated on the WGA's registration page.

Visit the US Copyright Office at

Lee Roth

Thanks Derek Reid ... for the bump and the submission! I see your submission on the server and will follow up with you via email.

Anthony Osarfo

Lee Roth - - Sir, may I respectfully find out from you if your outfit welcomes or invest in African stories or stories told from the African perspective. I am an African scriptwriter, hence this question. I also believe African stories: 'Black Panther' - - Beast of No Nation' - - - 12 Years a Slave' - - among others, have had massive success; which goes to suggest that somehow, people of colour and diverse voices, are warming up to global reception and appreciation for the cinemas. Hope to hear from you.

Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict


I am a published author of several books seeking their adaptations into movies

i would like to know if you are seeking to adapt into motion pictures published books (see my works at

Maya Initiate 39: The Long Walk To Destiny, one of the listed titles in the provided link, is being screen-played by a certain UK-based Carlos Portela, a screenwriter (JCarlos Films) to be used possibly in India and overseas.

Let me know what you think of my other titles

Bonnie DeRosa

Nice to meet you! I just sent you an email 'general inquires' form.

Lee Roth

Hi Anthony Osarfo ... good stories come from all over the world. It doesn't matter where someone lives. A good story is what matters! Read my replies to Kay Luke near the beginning of the comments regarding our business models. We invest our time, skills, and vendor network in managing your project. You might want to listen to "An Introduction to Film & TV Development" ... a 15 minute interview I did recently ... ... that gives a brief overview of the process.

Lee Roth

Hi Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict ... Please see my reply to Osarfo Anthony above and listen to the interview linked there. We have writers available that may be added to your development package. Rates increase accordingly. Once again, we do not purchase nor option stories, books, screenplays, etc.

Debbie Croysdale

Hi Lee do you consider works in progress? Thanks for your input to Stage 32.

Lee Roth

Hi Bonnie DeRosa ... Check your email.

Lee Roth

Hi Debbie Croysdale ... Generally speaking, the script needs to be completed and have been through at least a few revisions. First drafts don't usually get very far.

For me to be more specific, please send me a connection request and a private message defining, "in progress!" ;)

Stevan Šerban

Hello Lee ,

Hope the week is going well. I’ve got a half hour comedy pilot called Wacky Witnesses that I think would be great for Roth Stock Pictures.

"When four protected witnesses, each with a criminal past, are put in a single safe house to save money, the US Marshal supervising them will curse the day he ever took on the task. "

It’s The Big Bang Theory meets The good Place

Would love to have you take a look. Thanks much and let me know.


Stevan Šerban, screenwriter

Debbie Croysdale

Hi @Lee Its a finished written pilot for tv/web streaming series. By in progress, I mean I want it to continue long term, to multi series. I have more episodes in first draft, but FIRST we are shooting my original idea in September London. Filming the initial macro plot characters on location leafy Waterloo. I look forward to private messaging you later on in year with my whole package. (Film and script). THANKS.

Jai Dixit

Hi, I'm Jai Dixit (Incredibly Fast Films Limited) -- I have a screenplay that quite frankly is waiting to be bought and will be a hit if properly cast with some A-level talent. Its an off-beat comedy (with drama elements) and involves a quest (of sorts). I won't describe it further-- I don't pitch. Would you be interested in reading it?

Nella Citino

Hi - Finishing up a film with strong female leads - Trailer here: Second film script with same characters is available. Delight in the Mountain (Again)

Lee Roth

Hi Jai Dixit ... I took a look at your profile. We don't do micro-budget projects.

Lee Roth

HI Nella Citino ... We prefer original stories, not sequels.

Deacon Martin

Hi Lee. How about a low key comedic story of a piece of UK sub-culture? Specifically, the acquisition of a combine harvester as a vehicle of protest.

Can be extensively elaborated upon.

Best wishes,


Vital Butinar

Hi Lee Roth I'm a director/writer from Slovenia and I have been developing a screenplay for a feature film science fiction thriller original story that I'd like to trun into a film about a man's struggle with insanity when he starts to doubt the existence of our reality and all the complications that come along.

If you think this is a story that might be something you're looking to develop I can tell you more about the screenplay so please drop me a line.

Best wishes


Lee Roth

Hi Deacon Martin ... Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, I'm going to pass.

Lee Roth

Hi Vital Butinar ... Check your InBox.

David Ikechukwu Akam

hi Mr. lee Roth.....i think i really need your management on my proects... my written stories are western base and i need someone to belive in my work

Teresa Barber

Hello Lee Roth , just wanted to stop by and welcome you to Stage32. I have just completed my feature Fantasy/Thriller and it is in the process of being polished. Look forward to submitting soon. All the best, ~Teresa

Charley Rice

I have one with a female supporting lead, however if there's a mutual interest then we can amend the story. Project "EVERY DOG HAS HIS DAY"! MPAA rated R content.


Synopsis: A slight medical condition caused a diverse family to take a road trip to their family reunion.

When an accident caused the father to pull over on a desolate back road, little did they know that the good samaritans turned on the helpless family.

Now his trust and faith in God, can only be pushed so far, but when it all fails, get ready for his rapture!

Glori FK

I can act and sing:) my email is

Jai Dixit

I have an original screenplay that is going to sell and, if produced (and properly cast), I believe it will be a Hangover-sized hit. I'm very confident about this. If at all interested, I'd like to start the conversation.

John Dyer

If you're shopping exclusively for screenplays, I'm out. However, the elevator pitch for my novel Silken Thread, reads, "In 1960s Manila, an American teenager courts a CIA officer in her late twenties". Find out more at

Alexandra Ternstroem

Please check out the web series I was in, we would love to develop it more and get more episodes done :) . The full pilot is on look for The Deep State

Trevor Gustafson

Just listened to your audio on the Submission page... wonderful information! thank you. Contact me anytime: thx

PJ Edwards

Awesome! Glad to meet you! Proud to say that all my screenplays have diverse casts and female leads.

Socorro Jones

Very well done! I was gripped. Looking forward to the next episode. Congratulations and best on your creative journey! Soco

Jerry Suits

Great to hear this... one of these days/weeks/months I may submit my Romantic Adventure feature script (original story).

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