Introduce Yourself : Director Embracing Writing by Arnon Shorr

Arnon Shorr

Director Embracing Writing

Hi, all! I'm a director of over 100 shorts, webseries episodes, indie features and other productions. In the last year or so, I've been embracing my inner screenwriter (I wrote almost all of my films, but never admitted to myself that I might actually be a screenwriter).

I wrote four first draft features in 2018 and I plan to churn out at least that many this year - some for me to direct, some to sell.

My most recent screenplay is a terse, contained sci-fi thriller with an ending that would make Rod Serling proud. Happy to share it with you here:

And if you think a movie about Jewish pirates sounds cool, check out my award-winning short, "The Pirate Captain Toledano" on Amazon:

I'm currently working with a talented illustrator to create some proof-of-concept pages for a graphic novel adaptation of that short. If all goes well, I might become a comic book writer this year...

Rachel Walker

Hey! Sounds great! OUT of time....not the 4th dimension maybe the .....9th...10th..!! :-) Have a great day and look forward to your creation! Rachel :-)!!!

Peter Brabson

Just watched the trailer for Pirate Captain. Great concept and awesome trailer. Congrats man.

Jennifer Smith

Nice to meet you, Arnon. Glad to hear you’re finally admitting you’re a screenwriter. That’s the first step in recovery. Seriously, though, I look forward to checking out your work, and congrats on your achievements!

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