Introduce Yourself : Director/Producer/Editor/Screenwriter by Danny Phillips

Danny Phillips


Hi Everyone, my name is Danny Phillips, I am from New Zealand, I have been a member of Stage32 for a while but not active. I saw the “Introduce Yourself” promo so decided to say hi.

My latest film No Turning Back will be released on 22nd June worldwide. . It will be found on many online platforms but with 2 days before release I still don’t know which ones!!! Crazy.

The film was self funded and has picked up a number of awards in USA and Italy.

Boredom over the lockdown pushed me to write a children’s story. Not a screenplay merely a book. I had it illustrated and I am waiting for the first copy to arrive from the printer.

Jacqueline Belle

Hi Danny, I moved from New Zealand to Canada last year. It's nice to see another kiwi. I am looking forward to your release and your new children's book. Cheers

Rashika R

Hi Danny! Huge Congrats on your film "Turning Back." Can't wait to see it! I'm so glad that the hunker down inspired a children's book! Looking forward to taking a peek at it. Congrats on both projects!


Danny Phillips

Hi Jacqueline and Rashika, I’m not sure I’m answering this correctly. I can’t find a way to respond individually. Thanks for the posts. I will come back here when I know the platforms it’s playing on and let you know. Hey, at least I’ll have two people watching it!

Cost me a fortune to get to distribution. So many costs with legal fees, Script Clearance fees, Title and Copyright Clearance fees etc.

Rashika you have a background in Presenting. I was an on camera announcer for our biggest channel here in New Zealand. Jacqueline that’s TV1. I was also a game show host on a TV series called Take Off but it’s a lot of years ago

Jacqueline Belle

Hi Danny and Rashika, I'm not sure how to use this platform yet either.. but I'll get there. I haven't seen Take Off but I will give it a google and check it out.

I also write children's books and I currently have four that are ready for illustration. During Covid isolation I took a step back from writing and focused on narration. I created a Storytime for Grownups on Twitter and YouTube to help draw attention to and showcase indie and traditionally published authors from the #WritingCommunity on Twitter.

I am new to the industry, with a background in Sciences and Librarianship. About a year and a half ago I took a gigantic jump into writing and voice narration. It has been the most enjoyable leap I have ever made.

I am missing the vertical living of Wellington and I now live a flat life on the Prairies in Canada. I have proof that the earth is in fact round... as I look to the horizon.. I can actually see the curvature of the earth...

It is lovely to meet you both Danny and Rashika and I look forward to exploring both of your work further. Cheers, Jacqueline

Richard "RB" Botto

Here's hoping you get more active, Danny. If there's one common denominator to all tens of thousands who have had success here over the last 9 years, it's that they treat their relationship building as a job. Put in the work, embrace the long game, reap the rewards.

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