Introduce Yourself : Director/Writer by Brent Bokovoy

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Hey Stage 32ers! I'm a writer/director that is usually interested in the horror/mystery/dark comedy/thriller genres. I would love to talk to others that love those genres and perhaps collaborate.

Also...I'm getting ready to crowdfund my first feature next month...any tips from those that have done it and succeeded or failed?

Lauran Childs

Looks great! Good luck.

Brent Bokovoy

Thanks Stanley and Lauran!

Allen Lynch

Very nice work Brent!

Brent Bokovoy

Thank you Allen!

Mike W. Rogers

Good to meet you, Brent. I am a screenwriter who is always looking for a collaboration.

Cher Davis

Fantastic to meet you Brent, nice work! I've recently written my very first romantic/horror/thriller script, for which I just got positive script coverage for. Totally random, but found out through IMDB Pro that you and I are connected by Will McPhail, who was on the crew for Frank vs. God, one of my very first films that I acted in. Small world!

Looking forward to your success and to collaborating with you someday soon. Cheers!

Rachel Cameron

Great looks there Brent. Hope you get there. You have a great eye for this! Rachel Cameron.

John Tague

Beautiful work Brent! Would love to work with you on something. Check out my reel if you get the chance.

Brent Bokovoy

Hi Rachel, thanks a lot! Hi Cher...I love horror love stories! I don't think I know Will. I see he worked on Hotel Impossible as well. i just worked on a couple episodes there.

Joe Orlandino


Crowdfunding - I would suggest you use the rule of three.

On average, 3% of your uniques will convert.

This is your CTC%: Click Through Conversion Rate.

So for every 100 people who connect with you online, three of them will reach for their wallet. Work your math backwards to reach your funding goal (don't forget to factor your media cost in).

Keep in mind, this is an AVERAGE CTC% utilizing a decent marketing campaign & landing page. Tweak your campaign by doing A/B testing to see which ads and media buys work. You may be able to get your CTC% close to double digits.

Lastly, put a box around it. Three weeks.

Good luck.

Raymond Zachariasse

Welcome here Brent. That trailer looks pretty cool. I am part of a webseries team and they also try to crowdfund through Indiegogo. So maybe that can also work for you?

Brent Bokovoy

Hi John, thanks. Really cool reel! Love the Blacklist stuff! HI Joe. Thanks for the info...that's really useful!

Dayna Noffke

This looks like a great project. Best of luck with it!

Malcolm V

Whoa i'm actually a screenwriter for horror/mystery/dark comedy/thriller and fantasy genres. That's so cool

Julian Montgomery

Hey Brent, nice to meet you. I'm a composer who enjoys composing music for darker genres.

Pat Savage

Very cool!

Adam Harper

Hi Brent, nice to meet you, good work!

Brent Bokovoy

Thanks guys!!!

Eric La Fuente

Howdy there, Brent! I'm a fellow horror/thriller/dark comedy writer, and I think your reel looks awesome!

Brent Bokovoy

Thanks Eric. I just watched "Hell of a Deal." That's a hell of a cool short film!

Anne Devina Reeve

Hello I could see the door

Aray Brown

Hi Brent! First off, you had me at horror. Second, Your trailer looks great.

Kelly Krause

Welcome, Brent! I just sent you a connection request... Looking forward to exploring your work! : )

Lindsay Miernicke

Hey Brent! Great teaser. When Crowdfunding try to launch your campaign once you have already secured some guaranteed donors/financiers. I know this sounds weird, but for yours to be pushed ahead of the lot, you want to start off strong. This will get you better exposure to donors that are casually browsing, and show to others you are serious and already have support.

John Rollin Hendrickson

Sent you a connection request. I love the trailer!

Mike W. Rogers

Wow, where was the location? Gorgeous work!

Brent Bokovoy

Thanks!!!! The shoots were at the Sonoran desert, Palomar Mountain and the LA Youtube Studio.

Sara Dee

Wow, Slick Trailer ! I work in those genres a lot as an actress and voice actor. Cute Little Buggers to all Ben Wheatley movies and Alice Lowe's 'Prevenge' I get to meet and lunch with the UK independant producers and directors of this genre and attend film festivals that specialise in it. In the UK what goes on to launch and promote films might not be so relevant to you in the US but hey! that doesn't stop the chat and enthusiasm. Best wishes from London UK!

Steve Hamm

Nice work! I'm a huge fan of the horror/mystery/thriller genres

Brent Bokovoy

Thank's Sara and Steve! Sara, that's awesome, I'm a huge fan of Ben Weatley and I have been wanting to see Prevenge for awhile now.

Martyn John Armstrong

Great trailer or mini showreel, best of luck with your upcoming crowdfunding campaign. I've been involved with one crowdfunding campaign for a short film, as well as numerous ones for NPOs.

Drop me a message, and I'll gladly share any information that I've gathered on crowdfunding. I'd also highly suggest you get a copy of Richard "RB" Botto's book on crowdsourcing before you jump into your crowdfunding campaign. I'm just about to start my second read of it.

Vasco Saraiva

Great Reel, I'm a huge genre fan. Wish you the best on that crowdfund campaign.

Seeds and Spark have a short but nice course on crowd funding... Don't know if you've seen it?

Brent Bokovoy

Hey Vasco, thanks. I did see that. I'm actually going to put it on Seedandspark. They have a lot of great stuff there.

Vasco Saraiva

Great!! Send me the link once it's up, so that I can take a look.

Brent Bokovoy

Hey Martyn, I tried sending you a message but it wouldn't go through. Can you message me?

Sara Dee

Hey Brent, I've just had a request to link with Brian R. Rayve here on Stage 32. I thought I'd pass on what he's about to you as he's got a website about crowd funding . . . here goes . . .

Brian R. Rayve

Business affairs consultant, business development/sales and financier

Park City, Utah

About Me: My company, the Sebastian B. Macaw Entertainment Network, brings together entertainment professionals from the film and movie, music, writing, theater, and other creative industries to get their creative projects off the ground. We offer a unique "Three-Phase Creative Project Crowdfunding System" to fund your film, music album, novel, play, or other creative project which includes setting up your crowdfunding campaign for success and promoting it in conventional and social media. You can check out our crowdfunding system and the latest crowdfunding news at:

Brent Bokovoy

Sara, awesome...thanks a lot for that!!

Gianluca Zoppa

Congratulations Brent.

Tony Ginn

I have been a little successful by creating a fund raising account on two sites: and, receiving donations for my Documentary on Haiti: the Untold Story. Stanley is a great guy to be in touch with! GB!

Jerry Ice

Well done!

Pamela Bolinder


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