Introduce Yourself : Director & Editor in Canada by Rahat Rahman

Rahat Rahman

Director & Editor in Canada

Hi Everyone!

I'm so glad to have found this platform. I am a TV commercials director and editor with 7+ years experience. After directing 70+ commercials, a feature film and a film for Netflix, I decided to move to Canada and pursue a college degree in Film Production to deepen my knowledge of filmmaking. I just graduated this April and ready to get back to work with renewed energy! nice to see such an enthusiastic film making community here. Hoping to meet a lot of new people, feel free to add me or contact me for any project, thanks!

Brad Mason

Welcome to Stage32 and welcome to Canada!

With major Film hubs in Vancouver and Toronto, and with plenty of incentive tax credits, it's a great place for fledgling Filmmakers to come and get creative. Cheers!

Laura Atares

Welcome, Rahat!

Karen "Kay" Ross

Congrats on your film school completion! I'd love for you to post about your challenges and victories as you've re-entered the industry. Are you running your own company or providing contractor services?

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