Introduce Yourself : Director & Writer by Sebastien Tobler

Sebastien Tobler

Director & Writer

Hello Stage 32 Community!

My name is Sebastien, I'm a Director / Writer based in Los Angeles. I'm currently working developing three feature scripts, one is based on an award wining ScfiFi proof of concept I wrote and directed called ANAMNESIS - it won 8 awards including Best SciFi, Best Director and Best Cinematography and stars Fernanda Romero, Rane Jameson and Ileana Douglas.

I also write and direct Music Videos having worked with Indie bands such as Group Love, Darwin Deez, Chad Valley and Penguin Prison. In the commercial space I generally work with lifestyle, travel and fashion brands but recently wrote and directed a credit card spot for a new VISA backed card.

I got my start with a travel blog which ballooned into video pieces and then ended up working with the Travel Channel before breaking into music videos and film.

You can find trailers and work samples on my website and I'm also on Twitter @sebastientobler and Insta @_sebastientobler

I look forward to connecting with you, seeing and hearing your stories.

Break a leg out there!

Peter Borreggine

Hello Stage 32 Community! I'm Pete Borreggine the Creator, Writer and Producer for Project Abaddon: RISE OF THE DESTROYER. We met with SONY PICTURES' Peter Nelson at SONY on 9 FEB and he loves the concept and wants our script. We're getting it covered and polished.

Our team includes: Steve William Gonzalez and Sasha Yelaun as well as Thomas P Vitale and Craig Engler (former Syfy execs and partners with Planet X Productions, LLC.)

Check out our corporate partners at our site: and our social links.

Here's the logline: An interstellar earth/space archealogist abandons everything to search for his missing father in an unexplored region of space, only to uncover a conspiracy, a secret from our distant past, and an ancient alien artifact that threatens all life on Earth and our known universe.

Keep the Faith as my late friend Richard Hatch used to tell me.

Chad Stroman

Welcome Sebastien! and I guess Peter too!

Peter Borreggine

Thank you, sir

Sebastien Tobler

Thanks Chad!

Julian Montgomery

Hey Sebastian, welcome to Stage32!

Sebastien Tobler

Hey Julian! Thanks!

Thomas Shaner


Rutger Oosterhoff

Hey Sebastien, watched the teaser from ANAMNESIS on your website . Liked the images, but too short for me to tell what the story is about. Good luck with all of your projects. Rutger

Sebastien Tobler

Thanks Thomas!

Sebastien Tobler

Rutger, thank you for taking the time to check out my site and the feedback on the teaser. I should be able to release the full proof of concept soon but at the moment I'm not allowed to.

Rutger Oosterhoff

That's cool Sebastien, first the festivals etc. , then more to come. Good thing!!

Andrey Savchenko

Welcome, Sebastien!!! Good luck with your projects!

Bruce Bray

Followed on Twitter man. Way to go. Seems like you've really got it going on. Don't slow down, stay on it. STAY DRIVEN!!!!!

Sebastien Tobler

Andrey Savchenko - thanks! It's a tough world and we can all use the good luck!
Bruce Bray - Thank you Bruce! I would have to say that staying driven is the hardest part. It's like this internal battle and from what I understand it is something that stays with you as a filmmaker for the rest of your life. I guess the best are the ones that figure out how to manage that flow. Keep on keepin' on brother!

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