Introduce Yourself : Director looking for her next project... by Georgia Hilton

Georgia Hilton

Director looking for her next project...

Hi, I'm a Director/Producer and , if required, I can also provide my production/post company assets and personnel. Here's a low budget project that we're just finishing up. This was shot and posted for $60K - My IMDB PAGE: I have taken films from pre-production thru to delivery to companies such as Lions Gate and many international distributors.

Georgia Hilton
Georgia Hilton
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Benjamin James

Hey Georgia, are you looking for a script, a writer on assignment, a well trained animal who can act realistically ; or a producer?? I am two of these things (not a producer)...Let me know.

Jacalyn Evone

That was fantastic Georgia. Wow, wonderful job.

Beatriz Urzáiz

Wish I was closer... ;)

Nkanya Nkwai

Hello Georgia, I have a dreamy project I would love to share with you.

Ryan B Doyle

Hi Georgia, I'm an award winning screenwriter and have a couple of low budget screenplays that need good homes

Captain Tonz

I am a retireing present day Pirate with a whole lot of stories and pirate secrets to tell, plus my autobiography.

Marilyn Du Toit

I have a brilliant tragedy drama that I am working on that would be low budget and a real tear jerker. Care to hear more?

William Philip Zacchi

Hello Georgia. If you're looking for your next project - I HAVE IT! My screenplay Blood Justice is 99 pages, and moves from beginning to end. I worked with a script consultant, not once, but twice, and it's tight. Love for you to read it. My consultant thinks it's a low budget film. Be honored if you'd read it.

Georgia Hilton

Hi Will, i'm always happy to review a one sheet for a first step. :)

Georgia Hilton

thank you all for giving me a yell! I'm always happy to chat, help out and read a one sheet .. if you would like to chat about moving forward please send me the following: Title, Logline, Synopsis, proposed budget, attachments(if any), and where you are in the project life cycle. I promise to take a look and then we can chat about potential next steps. Cheers georgia...

Phyllis A. Collmann

Phyllis A. Collmann-Thank You, I am the author of a Pioneer Series of 8 books. "The Rose Donlin Series" The first two books have been written into a Movie Script. This is my Dream. www.collmannwarehouse

Andy Sparaco

Well done on Subconscious! Magic today is making 60k look like 6mill. Best regards

Jenny Deason Copeland

Wow! Just watched the trailer. Nice job. I have a Political thriller that won an Honorable Mention at a competition. Would you be interested in hearing more about that one? It is a current day timeframe with theories on the Kent State Massacre of 1970.

Joan Schweighardt

Hi Georgia, I just completed a novel that would make a fantastic feature film, takes place in part in the Amazon rain forest. I have someone interested in preparing a script. If you'd like to hear more, please contact me at I have a 5000 word synopsis I can send.

Jo Hannah Afton

Hi Georgia. I have one finished screenplay and another in development now, both of which can be shot on a small budget. Both are psychological thrillers with strong female leads, if you are interested in that kind of thing. Both include outdoor adventure scenes as well. You can read the loglines, and first 10 pages of the scripts here: and if you are interested in reading the full scripts, please just let me know and I'll send them to you.

William Philip Zacchi

Okay Georgia. I'll write a one sheet. Please bare with me. The marketing aspect of the business in new to me. I have the skyp equipment which I have never used before.. Do me handle the one sheet that way? Or do I email it your email address

Lesa Babb

Some nice performances. Kudos and best wishes! Look forward to following your success.

Cherrye Vasquez, Ph.D.

Hello Georgia, Congratulations on your new project! Once you complete this project and if you ever have need for another project, please let me know if you are interested in adapting a children's chapter book into a stage play or traveling play into elementary/middle schools. If so, I have just the book for you, titled: "Clique, Clique, STOP" With so much bullying going on in our schools, diversity and acceptance is highly important. Schools all over will send bus loads of children out to see the play, and perhaps create curricular thematic lessons in their classrooms as children read the book, and talk about the messages. There's lots of need for social skills lessons center on multicultural education, learning about similarities and differences of others, and treating each other with respect. By doing so, perhaps bullying will become a record low in our nation's schools. Please let me know how this sounds to you, Georgia. Thank you - Cherrye S. Vasquez, Ph.D. Website:

John William Doryk

Very Nice to meet you, Georgia. Very impressive for such a low budget.

James Coleman

Hi, there. I'm a writer/producer looking for a director! I have several projects that I would like to take to the next level if you're interested. Please contact me.

John William Sammon

Logline for "Contemptuous Love", a dark, introspective psycho family drama. A domineering dysfunctional mother and her long-suffering embittered daughter wage a 30-year battle for supremacy in their shared suburban home. Script has two great parts for females and can be shot on a "shoestring" budget as most of the action takes place in three rooms of a house. John Sammon

Enzo de Rosa

Hi Georgia, I'm very glad to meet you. Please, take in consideration a possible future collaboration for the music production. Best regards.

Art Sotelo

I have a few scripts I have written and i also am working on producing a web series and a group of short films. I would like to discuss some of them with you.

Mahmoud Kamel

Oh wow very good , I have a low budget project too that I want to shoot in New York and I can secure part of the budget can we discuss tho further

William Philip Zacchi

Georgia. How do I get the one sheet to you? Here? On Stage 32?

Georgia Hilton

Hi guys, first thanks for the quite impressive list of potential projects... if you are seeking my services as a director you should be at least funded into Pre-production. If you are looking to me as a director/producer, please note... I cannot fully fund any projects... I can help you secure funding if you have at least some startup funds... If you need my company services, that would require a fully funded project or, if the project is strong enough, we'd be happy to a letter of intent to help you secure funding. In general we need the following to even start a conversation: a basic one sheet comprised of the following: TITLE, LOGLINE, SYNOPSIS, BUDGE ESTIMATES, ATTACHMENTS(if any), and CURRENT PROJECT STATUS... I'm am happy to review these. If there is something there that we can help with we can then begin a discussion on your project to see where e might be able to help or if you are simply looking to hire myself or my team. Either way, I'm always happy to chat and support other filmmakers. cheers geo you can email to - PLEASE NOTE: WE WILL DELETE WITHOUT READING any scripts sent... one step at a time. :)

Doc Joseph Sinda

Hi Georgia: Are you ready to Go on a Project. Let Me know. Thanks,All The Best, DOC Sinda

Joe Roberts

are you looking for a project to fund?

Doc Joseph Sinda

hi joe trying to talk with Georgia Hilton. Thank you though.

Georgia Hilton

Hi Joe, I posted looking for a project that needs a Director and/or a Producer, not an Executive Producer. I can help with securing funding, but, in general, I am not looking to find funding for other peoples projects. If a project does not have the basics together and some startup money I honestly am not likely to be able to help. Yes, I'm a mercenary... I do this for a living and I pay my rent doing this. I'm happy to help provide direction, or answer a questions, or provide some insight, be a sounding board for anyone anytime. I blog on a number of sites about production and post production. I'm happy to be hired on... and I'm happy, if all the basics are in order to potentially come on board and help close out funding. But that's normally a long way from "I have a great script". If you read my posts and do some research, you'll find that i'm a no nonsense kinda gal... if you have a good project, well organized, all the project materials are in order and you're actively looking for professional support... I'm interested....But taking a script from a "good idea" or even "great script" into Development,Pre-Production, Production and Sales/Pre-sales/Distribution is a difficult task and one to not be taken lightly. That's why I want to see a one-sheet and proper preparation before I engage. To me my time means more than money... I can always make more money... I can never make more time. I've had a couple people already jump in my shit for asking for the basic one-sheet. If you can't even do that, what makes you think you can deliver a feature film? Send me a one sheet along with a potential estimate budget if you are seeking a director, producer or both. if you need me do help you pull your project together and prep it to get it to even the basics, I can , but I'll charge for it. If you have friends in the business or you do a bit of homework you'll be able to do it yourself. People who tell me they can't or won't send me a one-sheet and project data are more than likely going to turn into time wasters anyway... If they can't do their homework, I can't give them the time. I have funded projects in the past, and I'm open to funding them in the future, but that is yet another level that requires EVERYTHING be at a professional level. Before I look at funding a project I want to see the following: One-sheet, estimate budget, attachments(if any), and what you want to do (sell the script, option the script, you want to produce, direct, act - whatever) and a resume that proves you can do what you want to do. ... Then If we get that far, I'll read the script and I'll need at least 2 or 3 coverages from professionals, or if I really like it i'll get the coverage done myself. If we get past that, we'll start to talk about getting the project funded and my role in it. So again. I'm looking toward my next project as a director and/or producer... send me a one-sheet and include estimate budget and current project status and we can talk. Honestly.. making a one-sheet, doing a simple high-level script breakdown to rough out a budget, and writing up your present status is not that hard, so, If you don't have a basic one sheet you are probably not ready to move to the next steps anyway.

Ken Glover

Niiice....back to work!

Howard Allen

Check us out at and We have award winning scripts and initial budgets and some funding and Taylor & Dodge might be a great fit to joint produce them

Arthur Varkvasov - Film, Theatre, Game And TV Composer

Hi Georgia! I am film composer. Visit my site:

Arthur Varkvasov - Film, Theatre, Game And TV Composer

Thank you very much Frank! I'll be glad to cooperate with you in the great projects.

Leni Smoragdova

Dear Georgia, I'll be happy to work with you. Best Leni

Marilyn Du Toit

Hello Georgia, I am going to be a real greenhorn here and ask you, was Subconcious the entire shooting on $60k budget ot just the trailer? I am trying to work out what a movie costs to make, I don't want to ever just thumb suck an estimate. My screenplay if made would be low buget in that there is only a few action incidences, such as a tremendoes car accident with ambulances the works that would be the most expensive scene, then setting up two stages from SA got Talent and the other being a diva's Concert. Otherwise the rest of the movie will be in a hospital, homes , music studio and a school. Do I have the gist of where the expenses mainly lie? Any advice on what setting up of an accident and scene might cost?

Ken Glover

Per IMDB the budget was 500k

Georgia Hilton

the reason we dropped in the $500K is that is what it wold have cost us if we didn't do it ourselves... For instance the list of CGI/VFX shots in the film were quoted out to us by two companies at around $300K .... so we decided to do it all in house... brought the cost way way down, even though they aren't ILM quality, they're good enough for a low budget feature project. Also, may of my friends donated time to the project that we didn't have to pay for.. because I do the same for them and we're sharing some of the backend. That brought the cost down another $150K or so. On top of that we landed all the sets through some barter deals and/or just by asking nicely and being professional while"tearing up " someones home... All in all we spent only $50K out of pocket to make the entire film to date. The only thing left is Mix on a dub stage and we're expecting that to be $5K and then another $5K for delivery materials to distributors. We have a great team of personnel behind us on this and other gigs. From sound designers who did U571, DP from Sharknado 2, Actors from The Glades, NCIS, etc... Locations like a real US NAVY battleship, Destroyer, Submarine and access to historic homes like the Lizzy Borden House in Fall River MA. We also had the help of almost 50 military re-enactors who gave us days and days for basically lunch and gas money. Making a low budget film is not always about the money available its about the access and resources available. We have a lot of access to a lot of great sets, locations, personnel, actors, extras, shooters, and I do all my own post production ( editorial, Sound design, Dialogue cleanup, CGI / VFX, Mix etc ) And I have lots of personal friends that do Color Correction, Own Dub stages, shooters with all sorts of camera packages... You don't have to make a cheap film cheap, you can make a cheap film good if you go about it right. I cannot thank my friends enough for helping make this film... And the most important thing. We're donating the Lion's share of all profits to Support groups that help stop Veteran Suicides like Gallant Few, and others. I believe is always giving back... to my friends, to the people that helped, and to our Vets and other causes.

Ken Glover

I can see where you would get it to 60k with all the help from contacts. When I saw the trailer, I was like no way this cost 60k. Gosh, if I had your contacts and got freebies like that, I could do wonders!! As a matter of fact, check out my uploaded script, THE AMULET if you wish, read the first ten (or not) and tell me what you think?

Georgia Hilton

FYI - we shot the entire film in 10 days on set. We did 22 5/8 pages in one shooting day with 1 crew for 1/2 the day and 2 crews for the other half... we started at 0900 and finished at around midnight. An average day with 1 crew was around 12 to 15 pages.. shot with an average of 5 cameras running at any given time ( we had 2 REDs, a Scarlett, 3 5Ds, a 7D, and 3 go pros ) we barely slated anything and simply flew thru the shoot in order to save time ( and money ) and we lit the entire submarine so we could run and gun with minimum of downtime. very hard work to save money.. but it was worth it. We really wanted to make a commercially viable low budget film so we had to work our butts off and it paid off. We've been picked up by Lions gate for US and Canada and we've sold to number of international markets already and the film isn't even out of post yet. This project was launched approx. 1 year ago from scratch and will be delivered to Distributors in AUG this year. I didn't use DPs as you might normally. I had 4 great camera operators/Dps shooting and running all he cameras with a only a couple others on the camera team. We also managed to get a few friends together so we could film a scene in the UK with me directing via SKYPE. All in all we broke a zillion "rules" but got a fun popcorn movie made. It's not going to win any awards, but it will make some money and be fun to watch.

Ken Glover

Yeah, when I first started out, the key thing was having 'something' to show to producers, then, and only then, would they talk about a new project. You did an AWESOME job! Congrats!

William Nona

Hello Georgia: Like your post. I have a number of completed screenplays. All have placed high in competitions including the Nichol Fellowship. Two suspense/thrillers and a SyFi. You may be interested in a 'One Page' on one or more of them. Please let me know. William

Georgia Hilton

FYI: i'm looking for funded project to direct and/or produce.. I'm not looking for project to fund, although if the project has most of its funding, I would be willing to help close the gap. just to be clear. Cheers g

Linda Kennedy

good job

Howard Allen

At CoyoteMoon Films we will get back to Greorgia because we have 2 projects that look to have more than half their funding and they are in the same ball park as her amazing SubconsciouS project.

Dena Mckinnon

What are you looking for? Shorts? Features? Genres?

Valerie Michele Oliver

Hi Georgia. Nice to meet you here at Stage 32. I just sent you an email with the one-sheet for a feature film project that's 90% funded. If there's anything else you need, just let me know. Happy days! ~Valerie

Phyllis A. Collmann

Phyllis A. Collmann-Hi- I am the author of a Pioneer series of 8 books, "The Rose Donlin story" I have the first 2 books written into a Movie Script.

Georgia Hilton

Hi Dena. I've directed Features , shorts and broadcast... I'm looking for either a feature film or a broadcast project.

Georgia Hilton

Hi George.... An "academy quality major film" starts with an "academy quality major script", from there it moves to pre-production with serious professional team and cast... all of this takes an "academy quality major film" budget to do so.. . If you have the funding for an "academy quality major film", I an bring the team to the table including shooters from Transformers, Star Wars ...sound personnel from U571, Battleship, and more, line producer s and producers from projects your probably watched in the theater and just about any cast member you can afford through ICM and other talent agency contacts. If you don't have the budget , then sorry. no. we can't help you and you might want to start with something a bit small in scope.

Dorian Cole

Impressive trailer.

Roger D Bernier

Dear Georgia, I enjoyed and I am intrigued by your "Subconscious" trailer. Good luck on this exciting project. My latest screenplay: "Cuba Libre", an adaptation, based on the boo, "Emergency Run"... It's 1898, and a sailor survives the deadly explosion of the battleship Maine in Havana, but is washed out to sea, where he is rescued by gun-runners. Aided by Cuban rebels and an aristocrat's daughter, he sets out on a trek through the jungles of Cuba, while being pursued by soldiers striving to keep the island in Spanish hands. My name is Roger Bernier, and I am a screenwriter with a high concept, original spec script. I am a 25 year veteran of copywriting for radio and TV and served six years in the U.S. Coast Guard, bringing a unique perspective to this fast-paced, high concept, historical fiction story. "Cuba Libre" is available on request. Please email or call me for a copy at 509.895.9286. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Roger Bernier 14711 Cottonwood Canyon Road Yakima, WA 98908 509.895-9286 Cell 509-966-0646 Home

Phyllis A. Collmann

Good-Morning from Chicago. My name is Phyllis A. Collmann, I am a retired nurse from a Nursing Home and after working many years and hearing all the wonderful family stories I have written a Super Great Pioneer Series of 8 books about the same girl living in 1880. The books follow her life starting when she was 17 years old. Her father sends her away from home.

Yaedi Elizabeth Ignatow

Hello Georgia, I am a screenwriter living in NY and AZ. I have 3 comedy scripts, all low budget. One went to the exec level at Sandra Bullock's company and then had a different A lister attached for a summer. A bit more info is on my bio page. Have you found a script you like yet ?

Héctor Nevolus Sciitio

Hello Georgia, I wrote a low budget romantic comedy . It was my first full-length film. Is not very long, like 60-65 minutes. If you haven´t found a script yet I can send it to you, I´m sure you are going to love it.

Curtis McGann

When you find it, let me know as I'd love an opportunity at working with you.

Ken Glover

Can't help but say this - Georgia opened up a huge can of worms!! :) Good luck to ya!

Georgia Hilton

@ Ken ....yup... didn't mean to.

William Philip Zacchi

Hey Georgia, WoW! WoW! You've created an flurry of excitement on Stage 32. My screenplay is finished. I've received nothing but praise for it, and the 99pages are so tight. Here's the log line, and we'll take it from there. An eighteen year old must make a decision that will change his life forever. Does he kill the man who murdered his father; a Captain in the Gambino crime family. In lots of ways the story is very much a true story.

Marilyn Du Toit

No Frank it is just a whole lot of people that don't read properly. Georgia said send a one pager,logline etc to her email not to paste it here guys...come on this is why it is so hard for us writers to find producers. Sorry Georgia we are all rather desperate writers. LOL. As soon as I can I will send you my logline and one pager etc.

Monserrate Pagan Jr

I love these kinds of film but just don't have the resources to make any. I do however the the resources to make a comment. LOL In the trailer I feel some of the scenes were a bit too dark - and I understand all the reasons why just my preference - so where caan I see the whole thing I would pay 7-10 dollars to see it

Georgia Hilton'll have to wait until Lions Gate releases it... ( FYI - the trailer is all low res previz and proxy files - we're just moving into ONLNE now to the 5K stuff and rendering our brains out for the VFX / CGI stuff. ) so hope you like the film!

Monserrate Pagan Jr

Thanks, well Lions Gate better hurry up !!! Where are you base at? I am in Anchorage Alaska. I have a few scripts (PG, Horror & suspense) I also have a handful of scripts that I get from some LA contacts for evaluation and editing

Deana Moody

Hi my second book will be out this week. My agent Marci Black I found on here. Looking to bring this powerfu story on a tv program and movies.

Trena Penson

Your trailer is amazing and intriguing. Best of luck for a successful 2014 :-)

Maria D'Urso

Hi Georgia, what kind of projects/ genres are you interested in?

Viquii Johannesson (Vicki Johnson)

Love the site and the story is very interesting

Georgia Hilton

i'm in NYC... i'm into any good commercial story.

Monserrate Pagan Jr

LOL - Well it takes one to know one - I was born and raised in NYC - and would love to return to visit what I consider the greatest city in the world ! Lets keep in touch maybe we can work together sometime

Phyllis A. Collmann

I am the author of a Pioneer series of 8 books. "The Rose Donlin story'

Georgia Hilton

Director looking for her next project... I should have stated more clearly - her next paid project... I'm not looking for books to turn into scripts, i'm not looking for scripts to produce and chase funding for, I'm not looking to director for free... I'm looking for a solid funded gig that needs an excellent director who can bring a LOT to the table including help in producing... I appreciate meeting new folk, and i'm always happy to help where I can.. But I pay my rent doing this... if you need a director, and you are interested in contracting me for my services i'm interested. if you need a producer and you can pay me to produce your project, i'm interested. If you have secured enough funding to get through pre-production and you can pay me, i'm interested........ AND... for ALL of the above: if your project is decent you have an appropriate expectations to budget ratio, and you are interested in completing a commercial project and get it distributed... please get in touch with me... OTHERWISE: I am available for HIRE to take your book and turn it into a script, clean up your script, re-write you script, give you notes on your script, get your script professional coverage, create all the project documentation you need, do script breakdowns and budgets, complete an ROI analysis, help you get real attachments, pull together a crew, help land actors, create marketing material, find locations, help close financing, work deals for product placement, get you an entertainment attorney, help you with storyboards, planning, pre-production, production, post-production, CGI, VFX, Sound design, picture editorial, find you a sales agent, even get you a distribution deal... or just mentor you in taking a concept thru to delivery. ... for hire. cheers geo ps: don't want to offend, but i'm getting way more "i've got a great script, book, project..." emails.. and yes, a few actual discussions to direct a funded feature. thanks again for all in interest and I hope all your project come to life and happen! :)

Deana Moody

I have an Agent wss not asking for anything free. Have a nice Day.

Monserrate Pagan Jr

I would hire you but unfortunately you require money and all I have is pizza !!!

Georgia Hilton

@Monserrate - you have it all wrong again.... I work for coffee and chocolate... ;)

Phyllis A. Collmann

Hi from Chicago. I am the author of a Pioneer Series of 8 books all about the same girl of 17. "The Rose Donlin Story"

Monserrate Pagan Jr

@Georgia coffee is bad for you on the other hand "Dark Chocolate is great" I can prove it with the extra 20 lbs I carry and I don't mean chocolate LOL

Monserrate Pagan Jr

There is something I wanted to mention to everyone here and this is just my observation - after dealing with some of the shall we say the old "established" film industry giants and "good old established" in the trenches people. These people are very smart and professional and know how to work the system to make good films. (at least most of the time) They work and do business within certain parameters which they will not deviate from. Does does not mean they wont take certain risk and that they are unaware of the "NEW" generation's way of doing things. In fact they are very aware of it. They know how to use the system and work with it. So for what it's worth - next time you run into a road block trying to get your thing done - just remember - they is another way - you just haven't discovered it yet

William Philip Zacchi

Hey Couz' That's was pretty insightful. Monserrate, you seem to be an old soul filled with wisdom. Chanel Ashley just emailed me her notes on my play, and screenplay. They gave me food for thought. I'd be honored if you were to read them, and give me your valued opinion.

Doc Joseph Sinda

Everything stems from The Seeds for Food for Thought.Good Luck with Your Play. Check out some of the Local Colleges to Produce. Samuel French to Publish. All The Best,Couz

Monserrate Pagan Jr

I will be happy to read them but be warned that I am behind in my script reading and it will be several days more likely a week before I get to it. email:

Doc Joseph Sinda

You make Family Style Pizza Mr M. This is exciting News. Lol. DOC.

Ricki Holmes

Hi Georgia, exciting trailer, great job.

Marilyn Du Toit

If its great pizza, I would work for

Doc Joseph Sinda

True, Great Pizza, is devine. Im open to a Taste Test.

Georgia Hilton

any solid, good feature length script properly funded (or at least adequately funded ), and decent nice and real people to work with.

Henry Blackshear

I've seen your trailer and I am very impressed. I am not sure how to acquire funding. It has been a challenge for a very long time. I would love to send over the logline but after reading such a long message on ways to begin production I may have to wait a few months before I do. Storyboarding my film will take longer than writing of course but I want to find a way to cut the time down. I have no money and I feel this as many of my other great ideas will sit on the shelf because of it. If you can help me on how to acquire funding other than Kickstarter and Indiegogo it would be a great help for me? I can give you this tease though that This script will cause the male dominating superhero films to begin worrying , if the superheroine world is stepping up their game.

Tabitha Baumander

I have several lower budget scripts on the loglines section of my profile. If anything interests let me know.

Phyllis A. Collmann

Phyllis A. Collmann-I am the author of a Pioneer Series of 8 books. The story is all about a 17 year old girl living in 1880.

Mark Schaefer

Looking good! re: sub

Heather Hale

Georgia - what kind of project are you looking for? I might have a script for you! :-)

Robert J Gilman

Nice work on "Subconscious" - Congrats!

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

Great trailer for SubconsciouS ... I would definitely go to see it. Good work Georgia.

Monserrate Pagan Jr

Not to sound insulting but I saw your movie page and have never even heard of any of these film. Do not misunderstand me, I watched many of your trailers and these things are dam good. I want to see all of them LOL so where is they distributed? All overseas very little towns in the US, limited distr ? I have quite a few scripts that I hope means your requirements. Would love to learn more of your process. I work with a production company but love working with anybody to make films (by the way I am in Anchorage Alaska far too many people forget to say where they are located)

Georgia Hilton

Subconscious has not been delivered yet. It's due to the distributors in AUG. It will be released thur a Lions Gate company in the US and Canada.

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

Monserrate... please proof read your comments before you send it in. I always have typos... unless I proof read.

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