Introduce Yourself : Does Stage 32 work for you? by Dan A. R. Kelly

Dan A. R. Kelly

Does Stage 32 work for you?

I am curious to see if Stage 32 is actually helpful, or another one of "those" websites.. So, please, feel free to respond (or comment, or however it works here) if you have an opinion on its efficacy. Otherwise, I hope everyone is out making art!

Landis Stokes

Hey Dan, Haven't booked any paying gigs, yet. So the short answer is, "No, not at all." To be fair I signed up a couple years ago and forgot I had an account until last month. Since then, I have been approached several times for no/low paying projects. How is work in the ATL? When did you leave LA?

Bruce Bray

It has worked great for me. I have found work, not directly through here, but rather from someone on here who connected to someone else. Three different projects. Keep in mind though, that I actively worked this site, connected and networked, and contributed comments and such. So, I think it gives what you give. That's just my opinion for what it's worth.

Dan A. R. Kelly

Thanks, folks! It's good to hear your feedback. I'd love to hear more from others! Landis, it's good to touch base with you, if nothing else! I just landed in the ATL this past fall. I never did move to L.A. I was able to get projects made in North Carolina, but of course, the death of the industry there is well known, and tragic. Things are definitely shaking here in ATL, but like anywhere, it's a "who you know" situation. No doubt, though, that things will keep growing. Let me know if you're nearby, and let's grab a drink!

Kathleen Stevens

Hello Dan, Although I have been contacted by some lovely interesting people on here, it has yet to bring about any change in my status as a positive, optimistic screenwriter who hopes her talents will gain recognition in some way. Good luck to you. As you can see from other comments, the site can work wonders for you. All the best, Kathleen.

Amanda Toney

I agree with Noelle. As the Education Coordinator her at Stage 32, not only do I see the value in the 'getting what you give' attitude Noelle states above but, we also have a plethora of educational opportunities in basically every aspect of film, tv and theater. There's an abundance of ways to utilize Stage 32 but the opportunities don't come to you... you have to go out and find them. Stage 32 gives you the concentrated network to accurately discover them.

Tony Fisher

There's certainly a lot of useful information on here, although Stage 32 is still growing so may not have huge presence outside the US.

M L. is a straightforward gig website. This site while great for general networking, also could benefit from something closer to Mandy's job posting layout. I've suggested that the current JOBS section be actual paying gigs listed like Mandy's and the projects that have no funding go into a different category altogether. So far that hasn't been implemented. But it'd be a huge help for fulltime film freelancers who are only looking for genuine openings on films that are funded. Currently it's difficult and time consuming to check and translate each post to find that 99% of them aren't greenlit and have no financing. Those should be on a separate page.

Tomasz Mieczkowski

@Bruce - I love how you explained your success here. It's absolutely true. If you just open an account, and do nothing else, occasionally browse through things and randomly send network requests, then the success rate will be minimal. I see Stage 32 as an opportunity. It gives you access to people, rather than jobs, and gives you an ability to forge relationships that can be mutually beneficial. Jobs and Happy Writers sections are exception to this as they put you directly in front of the casting directors and executives, but Stage 32 about creating valuable connections near and far. @Michael - I never received any emails from you over at support, but feel free to reach out to me directly with your ideas ( ) - you do already have an ability to show paid jobs only, (image below), and we're constantly working on bringing quality casting directors and project managers. If you're one, then make sure to check out our jobs section. Unlike every other website out there, it's free to post a job, and free to apply to a job. So if you know anybody who would benefit from it, make sure to let them know.

Benjello Jacob

Hi Dan, I was able to land an agent at APA and a manager as well. They have been exceedingly helpful and have gotten me into several rooms for meetings at major production houses i.e. Lionsgate. Through their help, I have been able to maintain relationships with the people I met with in which each company has an open door policy regarding any specs of mine. In fact, I am heading to LA tomorrow for a Friday morning meeting with a company that is looking to put together projects based on true stories. I wouldn't give up on Stage 32 and the pitch opportunities they provide. If you have any questions for me, feel free to message me. Ben P.S. Excuse any typos, I didn't proof read

Dan A. R. Kelly

@Michael Levoie, (not sure if "tagging" someone in a comment works like that...) is okay for production gigs. I also use staffmeup and productionhub, but those are almost always quick one-off shoots (mostly reality TV). Those types of sites are invaluable, especially early on in a production career. But of course, most of my real production work comes from Line Producers, UPMs and Producers with whom I've worked before. (Relationships, right?) In general, I am looking at S32 in a different way, more of a networking tool for creatives. I'm glad to hear stories like @Benjello Jacob finding representation that works. And I will explore the "pitch" opportunities on here. And also, I LOVE to see people making art. So, I like the idea of a platform that is focused on that. We'll see how it goes, I suppose!

Terri Viani

Hi Dan! I think it depends on what you're after, of course, but just speaking for me, yes, absolutely, it's working. As a writer the opportunity to pitch has been invaluable. I've had my script requested 5 times out of 7 pitches. Nothing beyond that so far, but I know my written and verbal pitches are tight; I go in with confidence now, thanks to that experience here. Even the pass I got on one pitch was helpful: they liked the overall story but had some thoughts that agreed with and have now put into play. Also, Joey and the Happy Writers team are super responsive and helpful, as are all the mods really. So far so good, for me. And I've had some really good conversations with my fellow writers. =)

Tammy Chang

This is cool, thanks guy for the input. I also learning via reading your comments. Before I forget, 'Hi' Dan.

Frank Ponce

Hi Dan! I have been in this industry for over eight years and this site has definitely been a game-changer in my career. I've thrown my hat in "those" other websites' competitions -- I haven't had the kind of professional feedback and response that Stage 32 delivers. Since placing second in Stage 32's Horror Screenplay Competition, I have signed with 3 Arts and in development with Atlas Entertainment. The biggest plus, I have collaborated with several folks in many projects! Stage 32 works, if you do.

Julia Petrisor

Not really - and I guess I don't know how to "work" it?? I try to chime in, make comments, I've even started conversations, I've got a network full of people, but yeah, I have made no real connections and most certainly have not sold anything. LOL!! But I will offer that in my experience this just mimics life; I have never enjoyed nor had any "success" from any social media interaction and I personally have no strong feeling of connection when I use any platform, at all. If anything, i feel more disconnected. So it's Stage 32, per se, it's more just general "computer as networking tool" that I fail at.

Aray Brown

it has defintely helped me, from finding my tribe to making connections, building realtionships on and off Stage 32. It started with S32. I've thrown my hat in the ring maybe more than a few times and i've had major takeaways. You get what you give

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