Introduce Yourself : Doing all kinds of things by James Hoey

James Hoey

Doing all kinds of things

It's another IYW and we're all about it. My wife and I are screenwriters, currently shopping several scripts. We own Lords of Misrule Productions and host our podcast, Bravo for the B-side. Each week we dissect a b-movie or independent film and talk about what lessons can be learned from it. We also talk to actors, directors, producers, etc... Check out some of the folks we have spoken with:

Anton Doiron and Karl Sears - Writer/director and actor of Space Trucker Bruce

Hilton Ariel Ruiz - Writer/director of Zombie with a Shotgun

Kyle Hester - Actor in Zombie with a Shotgun, The Chair, and indie filmmaker

Failureboys Productions - The team behind Attack of the Tattie-bogle

Lowell Dean - Writer/director of the amazing WolfCop and WolfCop 2, SuperGrid

Alex Cox - legendary writer/director or Tombstone Rashomon, screenwriter for Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Eric Schumacher - Actor, played Doc Holiday in Tombstone Rashomon, indie filmmaker

David Ryan Keith and Liam Matheson - Writer/director of The Redwood Massacre, Attack of the Herbals, and Liam acted, produced, in both films

Tucky Williams - Writer/director/producer of Girl/Girl Scene, a wonderful lesbian 80's homage film

Barney Burman - Writer/director/producer of Wild Boar, Oscar winner for cinematic makeup effects

Liam Matheson and Steven Worsley - Actors from Attack of the Herbals, all around fun guys

Ryan Kruger -Writer/director of the upcoming film Fried Barry which is killing it at festivals

David Ryan Keith - David returns to talk with us about his upcoming film Redwood Massacre: Annihilation

We are currently working on a sci-fi action drama feature to add to our list of scripts. We have horror-comedy, family, and historic feature scripts, along with a sci-fi drama series. We have also written a couple of short film scripts that we are working on getting made. Like the title says, we're doing all kinds of things. It may at times seem like you're getting nowhere, but if you aren't doing something you will never get anywhere.

We love to make connections, you never know if that one addition to your network may end up being someone you work with down the road.

Check out episodes on your favorite podcast platform or at our website:

Podcast - Lords of Misrule Productions
Podcast - Lords of Misrule Productions
B movies are what we love at Bravo for the B-side. Here we review B movies, from the earnest efforts and studio-level quality films to the camcorder-based, utter amateur movies. After reviewing the mo…
Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, James Hoey! Good to see you again, sir! Glad to hear you're still shopping your scripts around! Definitely reach out to our Director of Script Services, Jason Mirch, who is excellent at matching projects with potential executives:

If you need practice or feedback for that pitch, then I would highly suggest signing up for the Writer's Room. We host a weekly Pitch Practice session for peer feedback moderated by our Script Services Coordinator, Nick Assunto. As a WR member, you also get a discount on services AND because there is an extra Wednesday Webinar this month, you would also get a code for a free webinar. Seriously, can't recommend it enough! DM me for a link for your first month free.

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