Introduce Yourself : Don't let CIRCUMSTANCE stand in the way of your DREAMS! by Cali Gilbert

Cali Gilbert

Don't let CIRCUMSTANCE stand in the way of your DREAMS!

Hello Everyone!

I'm Cali from L.A and I'm a Writer/Director and Founder/CEO of Tower 15 Productions. In October I released my first short film that I shot on my cell phone because I had $0 budget and a desire to share my voice and bring about positive change in the world.

INVISIBLE sheds light on the homeless crisis here in L.A. with a focus on prevention. I wanted to focus on what I call a "forgotten demographic" - professional, educated and creative women. I personally experienced 12 months of homelessness in San Francisco prior to arriving in L.A. in 2013. Since then I've published a number of bestselling books including my latest, IT'S SIMPLY FILMMAKING which is a guide for the aspiring and emerging female filmmaker.

My passion now is support women in transition, those who are creative and educated and provide training and resources so they can start their own businesses. I believe entrepreneurship is ONE solution to ending homelessness, and I'm doing my small part.

INVISIBLE is currently on the festival circuit winning awards which is so exciting. We had the Official Los Angeles Premiere on February 23rd at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood which was a dream come true.

The most exciting news is that my accreditation as a filmmaker has been approved for the 2020 Cannes Film Festival in France. Of course now we don't know exactly when that will take place, but it's such a thrill to be recognized for my work.

Thrilled to be a part of the Stage32 Family. RB and crew are AMAZING and do so much for us. Here to support as well and look forward to getting to know our members.



Cali Gilbert
Cali Gilbert
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Dixon Rice

Pretty awesome, Cali, shooting a short on your cell & getting into festivals. Proud of you.

Cali Gilbert

Thanks so much Dixon (and it's an Android nonetheless). HA! Yeah, the last couple of months have been a bit surreal with everything that has happened with this little film. It was initially just supposed to be a proof of concept to show what I could do. Never dreamt it would have the success it has, but feel so very blessed.

Cali Gilbert

Thanks Charles. Cheering you on. Here is the link -

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