Introduce Yourself : Dressmaker turned Filmmaker by Stacy Stube

Stacy Stube

Dressmaker turned Filmmaker

My big dream is to give back through fashion. Currently I am working in Baltimore city, trying desperately to save what is left of our garment industry. Luxury loft apartments have taken residence where sewing machines once hummed. I am apprenticing with the last factory standing. Working on a film called the Needle Trade, interesting enough the streets where the garment industry once worked is now where the drug trade lurks. Both Needle based industry, but of a different day. Note: I have no clue what I am doing, but those that remain of the original Needle Trade are dying if not already dead and not to know their stories would be a tragedy. My hope is that with this film I can use the funds to create a Fashion Innovation Hub that is community owned and run, by the next wave of garment makers. Stimulating a rebirth of industry through digital fashion entrepreneurship. *** Any tips, insights for the passionate dressmaker turned Filmmaker are welcome :)

Joey Lanai

Great passion! Thanks for sharing! Wishing you the very best in what you do!!

Kristof Gillese

kudos to you on making your passionate dream into a living, breathing project! If there is anything an actor/writer can do to help the door is always open :)

Ashanti Altovese

Cheers from a fellow designer!

Cory Baker

I'm from Baltimore too, keep up the good work and you will get where you need to be!

Martina Cook

Hi Stacy, and welcome to the Stage! What a fascinating concept, the needle as symbol of creative force that helps people finding their style and express personality, to the opposite extreme, metaphor of destruction of lives and dreams...absolutely worth your time and energy! If there is anything we can do to help please let us know, I’m far from you but nowadays technology shortens distance! :)

Geoff Hall

Wonderful passion! Keep going.

Stacy Stube

Wow! I am amazed at all the comments and support. Thank you so much. Hey Cory Baltimore Rocks ;) was able to connect with a local rapper that sings about the challenges in the community: we are meeting up next week. I am excited to share the story of this great city with the world. Change is in the choice to stand when others walk away.

Mike W. Rogers

NIce to meet you, Stacy! Have you met Shon LeBlanc ?

Stacy Stube

Michael thank you for the suggestion, Shon and I have just connected!

Adam Harper

Nice to meet you Stacy

Laurie Woodward

What an inspirational bio. Much success to you, Stacy!

Stacy Stube

Thank you Laurie :) everyone is so nice and encouraging on this platform...cannot wait to share the journey of the Needle Trade Film with the world.

Amanda Lee

Nice to meet you.

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