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Eliana Guimaraes

Eliana Guimaraes

New to Stage 32. I'm an indie producer, passionate about storytelling and screenwriting. I'm also enjoying the area of PMD - producer of marketing & distribution. Looking forward to connecting with the community.

Adam Gary

Nice to hear from you!

Richard "RB" Botto

Welcome, Eliana.

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Eliana, it's great to have you here! We had a really awesome webinar with Theresa Won (you'll see it in the education section) that I think you might like :)

Eliana Guimaraes

Thanks Julie! It looks like a great webinar!

Susan Newman

Hi Eliana, if you'd like to collaborate, I'm ready! Susan

Eliana Guimaraes

I am working on Zamo, a drama about a family struggling to find their way back as they find themselves in court to ensure Zachary, 8, bright and aware, gets an education and not medication for ADHD. The project includes film, book, live lab and great campaigns to get the audience involved from the beginning.

Eliana Guimaraes

The funding strategy is on brand sponsorship. It has been a process of redesigning the project in order to include new media elements and digital strategies.

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