Introduce Yourself : Ending this year with a bang! by Andrew Bee

Andrew Bee

Ending this year with a bang!

Hello everyone, I am Andrew Bee from Toronto, Canada. I have had a wonderful year acting and just yesterday I received a phone call (I nearly dropped my expensive phone in the snow. A management agency actually called me back!!! Miracles do happen.) from a company in LA interested in representing me. I may have a meeting in the new year and finally get that elusive thing called representation.

I have not spent as much time on Stage 32 recently because I got exactly what this network was set up to help people achieve. I have developed real life relationships that have led to work. I am continuously grateful to Richard and his team for setting up Stage 32.

2018 is going to be excellent.

Mercedes Street

Congratulations Andrew, I hope 2018 is 20x better for you!

Laronda Charese

Congrats! thanks for sharing, it gives hope in networking, as I love to live in the moment of life and have to force myself to share on networking and social media sites. but thank you helping me see that the moments stolen away by the computer will be worth it by a functional connection.

Eyiara Olugunna

Congratulations! Yes great things are coming in 2018!!!

Wayne Jarman

Congratulations! Wishing you all the best for 2018.

Pat Savage

Richard "RB" Botto is a genius. I too am scoring a film I found right here on Stage 32. Congrats and continued success in 2018 and beyond.

Wayne Jarman

Well done, Pat. Congrats!

George Kelly

Hell yeah! Congrats Bro!

Pat Savage

Wayne Jarman I have been touring the world non stop for 35 years and played with the giants. Now want a home life and who knows maybe love again. Always wanted to score film and started making films at 7 years young. Acting singing and dancing all the way. Great to have good management. I hope to find it soon. Honesty is number one. All the best in the years to come.

Wayne Jarman

Thank you, Pat Savage. Wishing you every success with your plans.

Laurie Ashbourne

Andrew, that's awesome! Best of all to you in 2018!

Andrew Bee

Thank you Mercedes Street. I have never felt more certain of anything in my life. All the years of working on my self are finally bringing in what I want.

Andrew Bee

Thanks Laronda Charese. I avoided networking like the plague until I watched Richard Botto over and over talking about networking as part of his job, and how he created relationships with people by actually giving a shit about their lives.

Because of my own history, it was enormously difficult to put into words and share my own process with people I had never met. I started by responding with empathy to hundreds of posts on five or six platforms until I began to find my flow.

I am now sharing my process from a place of love. I rarely ask for anything from people online, and yet, the offers keep coming.

if you are interested, I will send you some info on how to optimize your sites. I learned an enormous amount from that process.

Andrew Bee

Thank you Dennis "Othniel" Yatsenko.

Andrew Bee

Thanks Eyiara Olugunna.

Andrew Bee

Thanks Wayne Jarman.

Andrew Bee

Thank you Pat Savage. You are also somebody from whom I learned social media. Your networking ability is incredible. I am sure you will find love. Thanks for responding to my post.

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