Introduce Yourself : Equestrian + Actress = Equestress. Or whatever. by Sarahjoy Mount

Sarahjoy Mount

Equestrian + Actress = Equestress. Or whatever.

Hello to all Stage 32ers! I'm a native SoCalian, recently imported Texan. I'm heartily looking to network. My whole life I've been a Professional Horse Trainer and Rider. With my 27 years of experience with horses I've now immersed myself in the acting community. I'm hugely looking to connect with those of you that have projects involving horses. As an Actress, Rider and/or Wrangler if your project has anything to do with horses I'm your new go to gal. This year I've chosen to step back from riding full time. Although I am still riding, training, instructing and competing I have an incredibly flexible schedule, especially for someone so new to this industry. But don't short change me by thinking me naive. As a career professional athlete in the most expensive sport, second only to that of yachting. In the sport of kings I'm a self made woman, in that I made my own opportunities to get to where I am today. And don't forget I grew up in the land where seeing "A-listers" was a normal everyday thing. Heck, I gave Kate Bosworth riding lessons. (She's an absolute doll. Kate, if you're reading this, I hope you're still riding. I enjoyed teaching you.) This brings us to today. Today I'm looking to work as an actress, bringing my vast knowledge with me. So... Let's do this. Hit me up here or or (949)310-2251

Tomasz Mieczkowski

Haha, I quickly googled equestrian... thinking it must be related to the industry somehow so how come I've never heard of it. :) Hi Sarahjoy, glad to have you among us. I did not find Kate Bosworth's (2) account on Stage 32, but I hear that if you mention any famous person's name three times on any webpage they come and check out what's the fuss is about. So... Kate Bosworth (3), come let us know how great of a teacher Sarahjoy was. (did that work?) Well Sarahjoy, if you're new in Grand Prairie, you may want to connect with some other members out there: I know Cameron Sullivan has been around here recently and he's from your neck of the woods.

Sarahjoy Mount

Very good info to know. Not yet. Maybe fourth time is the charm? Kate Bosworth. Good idea! Thank you, I will try to find Cameron Sullivan.

Giacomo Knox

Hey Sarah, now that I'm a Texa-fornian too, do you train riders? I'm getting lots of requests for horse-riding, but I've never been on a horse in my life!

Sarahjoy Mount

Hi Giacomo! Texa-fornian, I like that. How long have you been a Texan now? I do train riders. I coach riders that own or lease a horse that they own. Unfortunately, at this time, I don't have lesson horses.

Bruce L. Stanton

Hi Sarahjoy, Nice to meet you.

Sarahjoy Mount

Hi Bruce, nice to meet you as well.

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