Introduce Yourself : Everyone has a story to tell by Michael Lewis

Everyone has a story to tell

Weekends are a great way to get ready for the week. I love it when my agent says, "Congrats! You just booked a new project." I'm new to the industry, but, not new to life. Every time I get booked, I am reminded how blessed I am because they could have chosen a million or so others who are MUCH more talented and better looking than myself. I don't have six pack abs, I'm just happy that you can still see my belt buckle when I'm sitting down. I spend less on daily hair care because I have less hair daily. I've never been asked to do a nude scene because ...... Duh! My goal is to be a working actor, not just someone who is working at getting acting gigs. My hope is that CD's say about me: He is great to work with, He's talented, He is intense, He makes the set at ease, I'll cast him again and again.

Jesi Jensen

Welcome! I wish the best for you!

Tomasz Mieczkowski

Hi Michael, great introduction. I love the "less hair daily" part. I'm at the stage that I've replaced my hair products with face wash... ;) You've just inspired me to write this article, feel free to contribute:

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