Introduce Yourself : Everything You Need to Know If You Have the Proper Clearance by Thomas Wolke

Thomas Wolke

Everything You Need to Know If You Have the Proper Clearance

I"m a retired intelligence analyst who has a number of avocations now, including screenwriting. I've written ten feature-length so far and have an agent for two of them. Someday I might even sell one! In the meantime, I'm also a hypnotherapist, reincarnation researcher, political essayist and avid reader of history and metaphysics. If anyone wants to read any of my scripts, let me know!

Shan Komai

Hi Thomas, I'd love to connect with you about a project I'm writing that has to do with the intelligence community.

Victor Stapelberg

Hello Thomas sounds quite exciting. I write a lot and would love to find a screenwriting partner who has a "more that open" view on things that are or aren't in everyday mind. Yes life can often be better than a movie. Cheers for now . Vic PS:" political essayist" are you writing a story on the GWBridge and C.Christie.. it sounds like a political thriller already :-)

Thomas Wolke

Shannon, please do connect. Every movie I've seen on the intelligence community hasn't been true to life so I wrote my own, called "J2". Victor, I haven't written about Christie's travails. I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get to it unless, of course, it's blocked. Anyway, my essays and loglines are on in case anyone cares to peruse.

Jennifer Moylan-Taylor

Hi Thomas, it sounds like you've been very busy! I would love to read a couple of your scripts. I'm an Actress myself who has recently branched out in to writing and producing. Congratulations on having so many of your screen plays picked up recently :)

Thomas Wolke

Thanks, Jennifer. I've actually placed three with the agent so far. If you'd like to read one, check the Screenplays section of and let me know what you'd like to read. Be happy to send it to you. I hope your career is blossoming!

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