Introduce Yourself : Excited to be part of this community! by Orlando Leon Jr.

Excited to be part of this community!

Hello everyone! My name is Orlando Leon. I was born in Ecuador but raised in the Bronx, NY where I currently reside. I serve my country as a Personnel Specialist in the U.S Navy. I'm also an actor in the early stages of his career. My last gig was the Jim Gaffigan show. Since I'm still fairly new to the industry, I'm still learning the ropes and having fun while at it. I've recently decided to move to Los Angeles in hopes of fleshing out my resume and fulfilling my dream of becoming a working actor. Don't be afraid to say hi. I look forward to meet and learn from those within this community =0)

Orlando Leon Jr.

Hello Ms. Rushent, how are you? Pleased to make your acquaintance =0)

Dayna Burnworth

Welcome to the Stage, Orlando!

Orlando Leon Jr.

Thank you guys. I'll do it any day without hesitation.

Rebecca "Bekah" Allende

¡Hola Orlando! Bienvenido.

Orlando Leon Jr.

Muchas gracias Rebecca.

Bill Taub

I have three words for you. Network! Network! Network! Go to as many industry mixers as you can. IM me and I'll give you some suggestions. That is one advantage to begin L. A. Take advantage of it...

Orlando Leon Jr.

Thank you for the request Mr. Taub. And thanks for the advice, I'm open to any suggestions you have.

Kevin Doy Burton

Nice meeting you Orlando. My link:

Shari D. Frost


Orlando Leon Jr.

Thank you Ms. Frost

Debbie Croysdale

Hi Orlando, and great you hooked up here. All the best in LA!

Phil Parker

Hello Orlando, Unfortunately I'm a long way from LA, but I'm please to meet you here. Good luck, and like Bill said, network as much as you can, here and in groups offline. Often times there are groups designed for writers and directors who want to learn about acting. See if you can get involved with those :) Best of luck!

Orlando Leon Jr.

Thanks a lot Mr. Parker. Ms. Crotsdale thanks for the best wishes.

Rosalind Winton

Hi Orlando, have you read Marcus Giamatti's blog? Got great advice for actors :)

Orlando Leon Jr.

Hey Ms. Winton! I'm reading it now. Thank you for this.

Lauren Elizabeth Jayne Stiener

Hi Orlando Welcome to this wonderful community Pretty new myself but already I have had amazing help and advice Enjoy

Andrew Lee

Thank you for your service to our country, much respect. Best of luck with your career moving forward.

Joshua T. Moreland

Hello Orlando!! Welcome to this awesome community!!! Thank you greatly for your service in the Navy as that alone is an incredible gift and sacrifice! I am veteran as well as I 11 years in the Army and 2 in the Navy. I am always proud and honored to meet other veterans to connect with them!! I live here in Los Angeles as well as I am a full time film student at Columbia College Hollywood! Just an idea for you, a great way to build your resume and develop a film reel is many film students like myself are always looking for wonderful new actors to act in our film productions!

Orlando Leon Jr.

Your Face and last name is so familiar to me Mr. Moreland. I Have a feeling we've met before.

Orlando Leon Jr.

Lol we served together in PSD pensacola Moreland!!! Lol. This is awesome. Thanks stage 32! It's great to reconnect with you.

Lauren Elizabeth Jayne Stiener

What a connection you guys

Orlando Leon Jr.

It is Ms. Steiner. Its amazing! back hen we were so involved in our work we didn't even know we had an interest in the entertainment industry.

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