Introduce Yourself : Executive Producer by Jay Parker, I

Jay Parker, I

Executive Producer

Most of you know that the Executive Producer finds the funds necessary to finance film projects. And that's the problem. Getting investors is far too difficult and time consuming including the new crowdfunding websites on the internet. Thats why I have made it my life's work to apply creativity to the production side as well as the content. I am here to help you "get'er done". With that said, I have no money nor do I have access to any money as this recession has devastated, decimated and destroyed me financially. All is not lost, however. With your help let's raise funds utilizing the USCIS EB-5 program! This is a government sanctioned system of raising money for projects to achieve 3 things; 1) money is raised for new and/or existing businesses, 2) American citizens must be employed for a minimum of 2 years, and 3) the foreign investors receive US citizenship in exchange for their investment! Started in 1990 by George H.W. Bush this program has been very low key and fewer than 400 enterprises have been created. Why? Government red tape ..... duh! That's why we need a seasoned immigration attorney familiar with this program such as Julia Park, esq in Manhattan. With these thoughts in mind I am seeking seed money (about $80,000) to retain her and do all of the legwork necessary to create the Regional Center for Entertainment Production. My company, Utterly Mad Entertainment, will take the lead role in generating funds for your project. After you Google and Wikipedia this program and learn as much as you can you will see that for a small investment you will be able to participate in the millions of dollars this entity will create. You could say that the USCIS EB-5 program is the original crowdfunding process! So my goal is to find someone with $80,000 or several people to partner and form the Center and produce film, TV, plays, etc. Eventually I am looking for 100 foreign investors with $500,000 each to produce 10 to 20 projects. It is obvious, to the most casual observer, that a small investment can result in huge returns. Finally, the government is good for something! I am located 1.5 hours from Manhattan - my son lives on 88th Street so I am up there frequently. Jay Parker, I

Marcelo Grion

Ok Jay, send me an email:

Gloria Hass

Jay, send me an email at I need funding for my short film. It's a solid script.

MJ Brewer

Fantastic footage and a creative display of presentation. I can tell you are particular about the funding of proven projects. I would love to hook up with and feel confident you will find the partnership rewarding.

Irina Schmedes

Hi Jay. I am a physician who turned to screnwriting a couple years ago. I have won/placed high in a number of major screenwriting contests. I have Hollywood representation but I also have a couple of low budget commercial features that I really want to produce myself. I just formed a production company with a partner but neither of us have experience with fundraising. We do have excellent scripts and enough funding to make a high quality fundraising trailer but could really use help of a pro like yourself. Let me know if you are interested in collaborating.

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