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Fantasy genre Author - Paranormal Romance - YA/NA

Hi All, I'm Alex E. Carey, the author of the Elemental Series, a planned five book series which will follow the adventures of Kira Phoenix as she goes to college, encounters demons, confronts evil and finds love. The demons in my books aren’t the Biblical kind, but more like humans or shifters with supernatural powers. They can be good or evil. The good demons work to protect humanity from the evil ones. I have written two books in the series and am currently working on the third. I of course hope to see my books portrayed on the big screen some day. Yes, please! lol I am originally from Texas, currently living in North Carolina. While I miss Texas, I love it here. I love where I've been, love where I am, and am excited about where my career is taking me, so life is good. Some of my favorite contemporary authors include Stephenie Meyer, J. K. Rowling, Rick Riordan, Suzanne Collins, Jim Butcher, Kathy Reichs, and Stephen King. I also like Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Emily Dickinson and Edgar Allan Poe. I studied dance for 12 years and still love it, all kinds - ballet, tap, jazz, modern. It's great exercise and a wonderful release. I love my family, am passionate about wildlife and environmental conservation and issues affecting children, women and the elderly. I am still fairly new here at Stage32 but have met some interesting people so far, and look forward to getting to know more about them, and making new friends. Wishing you all the best for this year, and years to come! Alex Alex E. Carey

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Eric Pagan

Hello Alex!

Margaret Taylor

Welcome Alex.

Alex Carey

Hello! Thank you for the welcome. :)

Becca Syme

Whew, another YA author. Nice to meet you!

Richard "RB" Botto

From one writer to another, great to have you here, Alex.

Alex Carey

Thank you so much! It's nice to see so many other authors here. Stage32 has a good mix of people and creative pros. :)

Richard "RB" Botto

I agree, Alex. It's a terrific mix.

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